Port-au-Prince the Envy of Caribbean, a 3.3 billion dollars plan

Is this for real? A new plan is circulating out there to rebuild not Haiti, but the Republic of Port-au-Prince for a reasonable cost of 3.3 billion dollars. Let me say it again. A new layout for the city of Port-au-Prince is estimated to cost $3,300,000,000,000.00. This plan that was developed by the Haitian Center for Research in Management and Development (CHRAD), was submitted to president Michel Martelly.


Can someone help me to understand this?

Where would the Haitian people find this kind of money in order to make Port-au-Prince the envy of Caribbean?

Is the Martelly's government thinking about imposing a new tax on the Haitian Diaspora to come up with this new 3.3 billion dollars plan. I would like to make a suggestion. The president needs to levy a tax to the Haitian Diaspora every time they mention the name of "Haiti" in a conversation with friends or family in order to raise $3,300,000,000,000.00. to make Port-au-Prince the envy of Caribbean.

Here is the video:

As you can see, our leaders, engineers and architects could only focus on one thing and one thing only, the Republic of Port-au-Prince. Why not have a national plan and look at at least 5 to seven major cities in Haiti and come up with a plan to develop them, create a better living condition for the citizens so they can find jobs, raise and educate their children, so that they could create Haitians who could be the envy of the Caribbean
We talk about decentralization every day but we are still focused on the Republic of Port-au-Prince

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Mack D says...

Money will not make Haiti the envy of the Caribbean; it will take something far more valuble that is far more easier to obtain and far more

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Neth D Haiti says...

We should all appreciate that, that"s for the first time a plan has been built, so dont criticize anything but appreciate it.It makes my heart beat. I dream to see an beautiful

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R. Schomberg says...

Presuming you meant the CITY of Port-au-Prince.

At nowadays market cost, $3.3 B seem a lot but the real dollar is only worth maybe 20%.

So all we'd be getting is in fact $.66 B. but we will be charged for $3.3 Billions at how much per cent?

What is then the interest on this amount?

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Haiti I Love You says...

Please give haiti a chance you haitian people we talk to much we don't know nothing we all negative that's

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