Processed Foods Endanger Health, Shorten Life

We hear about processed foods being bad for you, but what are the reasons for avoiding them? Nine ways processed foods are engineered, and how they affect your brain and body chemistry are discussed below.


1. Public enemy #1, sugar. Processed foods contain sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. Both lack essential nutrients, creating insulin resistance, in which sugar is converted into fat and deposited around the abdomen.

2. Food manufacturers target your appetite centers. Your appetite is drawn to sweets, salts, and fats, the basis for energy and nutrients to live on. Food scientists concoct flavors that over-stimulate your appetite centers, causing you to overeat.

3. Processed foods a chemical soup. They are packed with preservatives, colorants, artificial flavors, and texturants. And more of them exist than what is on the label.

4. Processed food junkies. Habitually eating junk food causes alterations in brain chemistry. The same dopamine high occurs as if you'd snorted a line of cocaine.

5. Refined carbs cause glycemic surges. Your blood sugar levels rise and fall dramatically on a refined carbohydrate diet, forcing you to eat more frequently.

6. Synthetic nutrients substitute for essential ones. SNs lack trace minerals, also containing lower levels of essential nutrients.

7. Fiber equals fullness equals steady blood sugar levels. Processed foods lack fiber, creating the need to overeat, because blood sugar levels drop too quickly.

8. Processed foods are easy to consume. They use up less calories and energy.

9. Hydrogenated oils morph into trans fats. They increase inflammation in the system, intimately connected to heart disease.

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