Cancerous Foods to Avoid

Cancer develops either through genetic transference or from the environment. Although there are people, who have a predisposition for developing cancer, research indicates restricting the intake of certain foods can halt, or forestall the formation of a cancerous tumor. Cancer-causing foods are packed with refined sugars, processed carbohydrates, preservatives, and hydrogenated fats. Five types of foods are precursors to cancerous tumors forming. Here are the causes and risks associated with consuming them:


Sugary Drinks. They are sugar-ladened beverages, sodas, and juice drinks. A journal study concluded people, who drink two-plus servings a week, develop an 87% increase for pancreatic cancer, as opposed to those, who do not drink them. Although sugar is not the agent that infects healthy cells, it functions as a food source for cancer cells and tumor development.

Fried Potatoes. Fries are cooked with hydrogenated oils. Because potatoes are high-carbohydrates, they generate acrylamide, a neurotoxin harmful to brain and reproductive organs, during the deep-frying process.

Doughnuts. Another deep-fried food made of white, refined flour and high sugar content, doughnuts are fried in oil and generate by-products. Eating them raises the chance of developing cancer.

Hot Dogs. Processed meats, preserved, cured, or pickled, have been shown to be cancer-causing agents in the development of stomach cancer. Sodium nitrate, used in hot dogs, raises the risk rate for cancer.

Burned Meats. The burning process creates an olio of toxins and mutated genetic components. These by-products replicate the process of burning tobacco that make smoking cigarettes a cancer risk.

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