Public corruption probe on Little Haiti Cultural Center and Sandy Dorsainvil

We just learned that the recent firing of the manager of Little Haiti Cultural Center was not without any cause. The Miami Herald reports that there has been an ongoing investigation for at least two months regarding the management of funds received from renting the facility.


Since February, 2016, Miami police investigators have been quietly pulling records concerning who had rented the facility since June 2013. The State Attorney's Office Multi-Agency Public Corruption Task Force is also involved as they are conducting their own criminal investigation into the Little Haiti Cultural Center and Caribbean Market Place.

As you may remember, in March, 2016, City Manager Daniel Alfonso took a controversial decision to fire the center's manager, Sandy Dorsainvil who has been working there since September 2013. This termination caused protest in the Haitian community and almost resulted in having Daniel Alfonson to lose his own job.

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Subject: Public corruption probe on Little Haiti Cultural Center and Sandy Dorsainvil edit

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