Sub-Police Station of Gris Gris in 1st section of the commune of Côtes-de-fer

National Police officials of Haiti, together with Côtes-de-fer authorities, have been working really hard in order to present a Sub-Police Station to the local community for two years now. The high commands of PNH South East in collaboration with the officials from the office for the regional Southeast of the UN Mission have advanced the foundation laying for the construction of the Sub-Police station in Gris Gris.


The building will comprise of a reception, post office, custody rooms (2) and a toilet block. 2.3 million gourdes has been set aside by the MINUSTAH for the construction, and it is anticipated that the construction will take 3 months.

The construction of the new substation of Gris Gris will considerably contribute to the enhancement of security in the area. This is according to the President of the Federation of Board of Directors of the Communal Sections (CASECs) of Côtes-de-fer. Peace Court Justice Mr. Michel Alexis also cites a reduction in the level of crime to the existence of the police in the area and a good relationship between the police and the general public to achieve the expected outcomes.

In a statement, Frantz Elbé, the Divisional Commissioner and Departmental Director of PNH Southeast said that the Gris Gris Sub-Police Station construction is within the structure of an implemented 2012-2016 development plan by PNH. He went on to say that the project is a reflection of what the Director General of PNH, Gordon Orelus, aspires to craft the institution into, an establishment that represents the police in the public arena in the country.

Frank Elbé announced the forthcoming construction of the Sub-station of the Communal Section La Montagne, commune of Jacmel regardless of the financial and logistical difficulties facing the Departmental Directorate of PNH. He said that the main concern was to give the municipality of Belle-Anse a Sub-Police station in Mapou.

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Subject: Sub-Police Station of Gris Gris in 1st section of the commune of Cotes-de-fer edit

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