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Sub-Police Station of Gris Gris in 1st section of the commune of Cotes-de-fer

National Police officials of Haiti, together with Côtes-de-fer authorities, have been working really hard in order to present a Sub-Police Station to the local community for two years now. The high commands of PNH South East in collaboration with the officials from the office for the regional Southeast of the UN Mission have advanced the foundation laying for the construction of the Sub-Police station in Gris Gris.

The building will comprise of a reception, post office, custody rooms (2) and a toilet block. 2.3 million gourdes has been set aside by the MINUSTAH for the construction, and it is anticipated that the construction will take 3 months.

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Cotes-de-Fer in Haiti

Cotes-de-Fer is a cityship in Bainet Arrondissement, under Sud-Est Department. With a population of 33,577, it lies on the south-eastern coastal section of the Tiburon Peninsula, fronting the Caribbean Sea.

The biggest infrastructure project in the village is the network of sports complexes that have and will continue to be built in the Côtes-de-Fer area. In the most recent shovel-ready project, a representative of the Minister of Youth, Sports, and Civic Action, Magalie Racine, placed the cornerstone of the first building to be erected on an all-purpose sports field. Also on hand for the laying ceremony was Mayor Widner Losier and Deputy Mayor Lesly Guirand.

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President Michel Martelly in Cotes-de-Fer

Not unlike other members of the government, Haitian President Michel Martelly has been busy conducting tours, his latest seeing him visit Côtes-de-Fer where inaugurations abounded. The first inauguration was at a Canadian Government sponsored police station where the Director General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), Godson Orelus, other Government and Parliament members, and Henri Paul Normandin, Canadian Ambassador to Haiti were in attendance. Another inauguration involved the recently built bridge over the Côtes-de-Fer River. This new construction will act as the entrance to the city at the Boulevard named after the Haitian President's father, Gérard Martelly.

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New multi-sports field Construction launched in Cotes-de-Fer

The first stone for the construction of a multi-sport facility at Côtes-de-Fer was laid Friday by René Jean Roosevelt the outgoing minister for Youth, Sports and Civic Action.

The new sports field to be developed will accommodate Basketball, handball and Volleyball.

The launch at Côtes-de-Fer comes at a time when the ministry continues with the establishment of a network of sports facilities in the territory. The Ministry is out to promote youth involvement in sports and help in the physical, spiritual and mental growth of the country's young generation.

The new facility will include a 90 square- meter podium to be used for social and cultural activities. There will be bleachers of a 600 person capacity and 100 square-meter locker rooms. The playing surface is planned to be half foot in thickness.

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