Sharp increase in insecurity in Haiti as violent deaths doubled within a month

According to the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace, increase in insecurity in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince is alarming. For the month of April, 16 deaths were registered, 13 of them with bullets and 3 by knife. For the month of May, also 16 deaths were recorded. However, just for the first week of June, 27 people were killed.


This resurgence of insecurity in the capital was at the center of an important meeting of the Superior Council of the National Police (CSPN).

The Director General of the Haitian National Police (PNH), Michel-Ange Gédéon, was quick to underline that most of these killings were perpetrated by criminals recently released from jails. He asserted that the PNH will continue to track down these criminals.

The Haitian Prime Minister on the other hand wanted to show that the problem is not getting.He wanted the public to know that the number of deaths recorded to date is actually lower than those recorded for the same period in 2016

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Franck Noziere says...

People you need to use your brain, they want to kill all of us for our gold and oil. Remember January 12,2010 how come on January 11,2012 they were already on our

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Franck Noziere says...

Until the Haitian government take full responsibility, working for Haitian not for Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton it's going to stay like that. Do you know we have more oil than Venezuela, we can take care pursed and many

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