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At Haiti Observer, we offer a variety of services to our customers. Due to our very specific audience, Haiti Observer is uniquely qualify to bring you the best possible result for your marketing effort. If your goal is to reach the affluent Haitian customers and establish a presence in the the Haitian community, there are no better place than right here.


There are so many ways we can help you. Please contact us for the following:

- You want to advertise with us

- You are interested in becoming a news reporter

- You want to use our services to inform, persuade, or remind your customers

- You have expertise in a specific subject and want to write about it periodically.

- You want us to work with on a Long-Term infomercial for your business

- You want us to write periodic articles for you, your business or interest

- You want to use informative advertising to help consumers make informed decisions.

Here is our contact information:

3389 Sheridan Street # 214
Hollywood, FL 33021
Phone: 305-206-3838

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King Hu says...

Are there no newspapers in Haiti itself?

I want to hire one part time volunteer worker female in Haiti.will start small and build

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Brian Herde says...


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Kerri Moore says...

I would appreciate a media kit for the Observateur.

We are looking at french language publications for an advertising campaign for Sling TV..

Kerri Moore
The Specialist Works EM
6100 Lake Forrest Dr #400
Atlanta, GA

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Kerri Moore says...

We have a client who is looking to advertise in French language publications in the US. We would like to include Haiti Observateur in our presentation, but lack some necessary information.

If you could send a media kit and a hard copy, that would be very helpful.

Kerri Moore
The Specialist Works EM
6100 Lake Forrest Dr #400
Atlanta, GA

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