Salsa d'Haiti Offering More Long-Flight Destinations to Diaspora

Haitian airline Salsa d'Haiti occupies parking and hangar space at Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Port-au-Prince. Salsa d'Haiti, whose acronym translates in English as Latin American Air Services Corporation of Haiti, serves as a domestic airliner for round-trip service between Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien. It makes several daily runs between the two cities.


A private airline, Salsa d'Haiti was established in 2008. Its mission has been to offer excellent, quality service at affordable price-rates for travelers within Haiti borders. Salsa d'Haiti is not restricting its service only to the Port-au-Prince-Cap-Haitien corridor, but is planning to extend flight destinations for the Diaspora residing beyond Haiti's borders. The airline also wants to offer the Haiti tourism industry the ability to present travel packages to foreign tourists for destinations beyond Port-au-Prince.

Salsa d'Haiti has ordered more turbo-prop airplanes to be built so as to annex Port-de-Paix, Jérémie, and Les Cayes airports as part of its domestic base of operations. In 2011, plans to add more jetliners to international departure points in Kingston, Jamaica, and Ft. Lauderdale, in the U.S., were to have been met. In 2012, new potential foreign destinations that were set to be added to Salsa d'Haiti's route map are in the Eastern Caribbean and South America.

Salsa d'Haiti has played a significant role in relief aid post the 2010 earthquake. The airline partnered with the international community to airlift relief-aid supplies to Port-au-Prince as well as other outlying and hard-hit areas in Haiti.

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Bob Zolnerzak says...

I'm interested in flying Port-au-Prince to Cap-Haitien on 5/18-5/19/13. How much would that cost?

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