Stephanie Villedrouin wants a Caribbean airline for Quick Tourism exchange

Minister Stéphanie Villedrouin continues her 2013 push to free Haiti from international aid through tourism. Remembering president Martelly's opening speech at the Caribbean Community's (Caricom) 24th Intersessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of State and Government, in which he called the tourism industry a key sector and stressed its potential and importance in driving the country's economic growth, Villedrouin spoke of the need for a Caribbean airline.


She highlighted that travel would be easier to destinations other than Haiti or Jamaica, citing the Dominican Republic, with whom the government wishes to create a multi-destination package, as one such country to benefit. While this plan may seem counter-productive to driving tourism to Haiti, it would make it easier for visitors to neighbouring islands to take sojourns to the country that may have been too cumbersome before.

In her plans for boosting the industry, the minister listed at the start of the year, priority projects including potential tourism packages. These agreements, being sought with Delta, Air France and Air Transat, would see the introduction of vacation packages to Haiti. The deal with Canada's Air Transat has already in inked, and negotiations with Delta will take place in March.

But Villedrouin would push this a step further by seeing an ease of travel to less accessible points in the community by a Caribbean airline. She stressed that travel to the Caribbean currently requires obligatory transit through other destinations like Miami or Panama. A Caribbean airline would mean that visitors to Caribbean destinations will have a wider range of options for where they are able to visit and stay. It is a move that would support her existing plans for Haiti as well as serve the wider Caribbean Community.

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Subject: Stephanie Villedrouin wants a Caribbean airline for Quick Tourism exchange edit

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