Tortug Air To Consider Flight Cap Haitian - Fort Lauderdale

Tortug Air is a privately owned carrier in Haiti. It has made an application to US DOT, the United States Department of Transportation to seek permission to operate flights to the US.


Filing The Petition

Tortug Air has made a petition to operate flights non-stop from Cap Haitein International - Fort Lauderdale International service on a daily basis. Haiti is considered as a 'category two' country and it is a non compliant under the safety standards of aviation under FAA IASA or the ICAO the program. Hence the rental contract becomes necessary.

Hence Tortug Air stated that under a wet lease agreement with Cemair a leasing company and aircraft operator in South Africa at Johannesburg, it would operate its services. This indicates that government of the United States has not given the Haitian government certification to exercise effective supervision over the airlines safety.

What Tortug Air Can Do

As a result, Haiti can only lease out crews and planes of an airline of a country that has received classification as 'First Class'. Services to the US cannot be added by Haitian Airlines. The airlines stated that it would use a 50 seater aircraft, Bombardier CL600-2B19 (CRJ100).

On 26, November 2012, the agreement was signed between the two airlines. In January 2010, Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake and in view of this, the USA government policy stated that economic development in Haiti must be encouraged especially in enterprises having high visibility like international airlines, states the airlines while filing DOT.

Expediting The Application's Approval

Since August 2004, Tortug Air has been in operation and has been serving five Haitian cities including Caicos Islands, Providenciales in the Turks, Aruba, Santo Domingo and Nassau. It also operates LET 410 UVP-Es a 17 seater and British Aerospace Jetstream 3200s, a 19 seater.

The airlines also stated that many of the residents and citizens own Tortug Air and are employed in hundreds with the airlines. Hence by expediting approval of the application would be in the interests of the public in the USA.

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