Emile Saint-Lot, Haiti's first United Nations Ambassador

Every century is graced by certain men who have helped to write the course of many countries, including their own. At the turn of the 20th Century, in 1904 to be exact, Haiti gave birth to just one of its contributions to that circle.


When Emile Saint-Lot first caught the fever to defend his country, he was all but a boy, witnessing first-hand the military invasion by the US, which occupied Haiti between 1915 and 1937. He would go on to study and practice journalism and to teach law, finally becoming a senator and civil court chief justice. His election as senator of the West on the 19th of June, 1946 came a year after his taking the role of Haiti's first United Nations Ambassador. He also served as a Security Council member, with the task of voting on whole nations' independence. He would cast this powerful vote for countries like Libya (about whose independence he presented an impassioned speech to the UN in 1957), Somalia and Israel.

In November of '46, Saint-Lot was signatory of the Haitian constitution. He would follow this by acting in the same stead for the Human Rights Declaration with First Lady of the US, Eleanor Roosevelt in Paris, France. His work would see him writing the constitutions for many other young nations.

Described as a guardian of human rights and an advocate for education, Saint-Lot, also an agronomist, like a few other of Haiti's heroes, believed that sharing was a natural state of being alive. His work to give life to the future of so many nations, including his own, is no doubt his own considerable contribution.

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My N Pauyo says...

UN when he lit a cigar and a cigaret to start his long speech that leave everyone baffle.

I guess you know the story and standing ovation.

I am so proud of

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Christina Delatour says...

My Great-Grandfather.

I am very proud of his work and selfless

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Simon says...

HAITIANS are bigger then presumed and lot more giving and smarter than the

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