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Rocco, Madonna's son in Haiti - Ti moun san Pantalon: Why?

Here is a picture of Rocco, Madonna's son in Haiti with a group of deprived children. In this particular picture, he is sharing a candid pictures as he is taking a group of children to something that looks to be one of the their charity work. Eske Li reellman necesè pou yo montre ti moun yo san pantalon?

Mon cher, mwen kapab di-ou, si pou yon moun kompran ke pou li fè moin Kado yon bagay, fok li himilye-m, mwen pa bezoin li.

I think that for a boy like Rocco, the son of a multi Million dollar artist to be thinking about poor, deprived children from a poor country such as Haiti, it is to be commended. However, my question stands: Why the humiliation, why can't you give me something why giving me all the respects I deserve.

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Emile Saint-Lot, Haiti's first United Nations Ambassador

Every century is graced by certain men who have helped to write the course of many countries, including their own. At the turn of the 20th Century, in 1904 to be exact, Haiti gave birth to just one of its contributions to that circle.

When Emile Saint-Lot first caught the fever to defend his country, he was all but a boy, witnessing first-hand the military invasion by the US, which occupied Haiti between 1915 and 1937. He would go on to study and practice journalism and to teach law, finally becoming a senator and civil court chief justice. His election as senator of the West on the 19th of June, 1946 came a year after his taking the role of Haiti's first United Nations Ambassador. He also served as a Security Council member, with the task of voting on whole nations' independence. He would cast this powerful vote for countries like Libya (about whose independence he presented an impassioned speech to the UN in 1957), Somalia and Israel.

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Kita Nago Haiti's National Pride

Kita Nago is a cedarwood stanchion, lifted onto the shoulders of participants, and carried on a 700-kilometer journey from the southwest to the northeast corner of Haiti. Harry Nicolas first thought of a procession that would travel through 45 cities and 7 departments, wending from Les Irois in the south to Ouanaminthe in the north, more than 3 decades ago. He wanted to create an event that would unite Haitians across all cultural and class divides. He had envisioned the project when barely out of his teens, but postponed it after being counseled he lacked sufficient maturity to undertake it. He agreed to wait.

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Haitian Pride

Haitians are a Proud People

Haiti has a powerful history. We take great pride in our past.

Haitians declared themselves free from slavery in 1804, embarrassing the great Napoleon army.

The first independent nation of Latin America and the Caribbean, the first black-led republic in the world, and the second republic in Latin America in 1804 after a slave revolution close to a decade.

Haiti becomes the original Statue of Liberty with historical characters like slave leader Boukman, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Henri Christophe, Petion, etcc

In 1779, Haitians helped America gain its independence from Britain. A total of 545 Haitian soldiers sailed to fight in the Savannah battle. The Haitians soldiers are believed to have been the largest black unit to serve in the American Revolution.

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Jonathan Perry, AKA J Perry, the new Super Star in Haitian Music

Here is the latest song from the Haitian music artist J Perry. The sons is titled Enjoy Haiti. Like his previous hit song "Dekole, the new song "Enjoy Haiti" is expected to become a hit. It has all the elements to be the next popular song in the Haitian public.

Jonathan Perry (J Perry) was born June 4th 1988, in Port au prince, Haiti. He started playing music at the very young age of 6. He came from a large family; however, he was the only boy growing up among three sisters. In descending order, his sisters are "Shirley, the oldest, then comes Cynthia and then Chrystelle. His favorite dishes are Haitian food and Italian food. Jonathan Perry (J Perry) just love pasta.

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