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Amiot Metayer Biography

Amiot Metayer was a controversial Haitian gang leader whose operations were based in the city of Gonaives, in the Artibonite region of Haiti. He was the leader of the Cannibal Army, a rebel group which wreaked havoc among many. Metayer formed the group in the 1980s to oppose the young Duvalier, who, like his father, shamelessly continued to dictate his ways over the people, with constant crushing of anyone who tried to oppose him.

Amiot supported the military regime from 1991 to 1994 together with his gang. He also supported President Aristide during his second term, until July 2002 when he was jailed for arson. His stay in the Gonaives prison was short lived, for mass protests emerged following his condemnation. His gang broke him out in August 2002. He depicted some resistance to the government of the day, before switching sides and alleging his loyalty to the president.

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The Cannibal Army in Haiti

The Cannibal Army, which initially was known as Popular Organization for the Development of Raboteau came into being in the 1980s under the stewardship of Amiot Metayer. It was formed with an aim of resisting the dictatorial rule of Duvalier and was a major oppose of the 1991-1994 military regime. This made it vulnerable and increased its risk of being attacked by the army, a fact which led to what is known as the Raboteau massacre.

Following the restoration of the rule of law, the Cannibal Army became one of the most powerful gangs to be hired by politicians to bring down opponents. This was done by often utilizing some crude and uncivilized means to achieve their goal. It is said that its leader, Amiot Metayer, swore his allegiance to President Aristide and was often called upon to rein terror upon his political enemies.

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Jean Pierre Batiste AKA Jean Tatoune announced manifestation

With the nomination of Bernard Gousse hanging in the air, some popular names have surfaced. According to Jean Pierre Batiste, better known as Jean Tatoune is threatening manifestation in the streets of Haiti if the Senate does not ratify Bernard Gousse as Prime Minister. The site further reported that Jean Tatoune said that he wants the senators to hear him clearly because as he stated: " I will not tell the Senators twice".

Doesn't this sound like an order to you?

Mr. Jean Pierre Batiste AKA Jean Tatoune thinks that the country has gone for too long without a Prime Minister and feels that it comes to a point where he must use his power to get things done.

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