Government of Haiti Supports Alleged Rapist Josue Pierre Louis

Outraged attorneys, representing the victim of a rape perpetrated by a government of Haiti (GOH) official, condemned the GOH for its public support of alleged rapist Josue Pierre Louis. Louis is President of the Permanent Electoral Council, being disputed as a valid ruling body.


During a hearing, attended by the victim and judge adjudicating the case, Jean Renel Sanon, Minister of Justice (MOJ), showed up unexpectedly. Andre Michel, human rights attorney, claimed the random appearance of Sanon was an intimidation tactic, calculated to make Marie Danielle Bernadin drop her case against Louis. She accuses him of battering and raping her. Sanon has a history of questionable behavior in his position as MOJ, and he was not required to attend the pre-trial hearing. Court observers were bewildered as to why the MOJ had shown up.

Sanon, according to sources, has been doing everything possible to prevent the case from moving forward. He is alleged to have ordered the lock-up of human rights attorneys Mario Joseph, Andre Michel, and Newton Saint Juste. Among Sanon's unscrupulous actions was the dismissal of a GOH commissioner for no discernable reason, and installation of a new commissioner, found to be a convicted drug dealer. Sanon has also been alleged to have been involved in sex acts with school children.

Another GOH minister, Ralph Theano, has also sided with the GOH's support of Louis. The final word on the disposition of Louis's Electoral Council position has France's Ambassador to Haiti calling for Louis's resignation.

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