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Ralph Theano Escorted out of the Haitian Parliament

Ralph Theano was expelled from the Lower House Thursday, April 4.

"Theano out", cried many members of the

This is preliminary information obtained by Haiti Observer. We just learned that Ralph Theano, the minister in charge of relations with Parliament, had quite a difficulty at the Haitian Parliament today (April4, 2013).

Minister in charge of Relations with the Parliament had been declared persona non grata by parliamentary associated with PRI

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PRI's Actions Against Laurent Lamothe Condemned

The actions of the members of the Parliamentarians for Institutional Strengthening (PRI) during the opening of a Parliamentary session did not sit well with officials. It can be recalled that PRI officials booed and gave out hostile remarks when Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe opened the parliamentary session. The reported reaction prevented Lamothe from doing the traditional reading of the balance sheet. PRI members reportedly made such actions because of Lamothe's failure to respond to the bloc's invitations and convocations and distribute the 2012-2013 budget.

The PRI's actions were condemned by Ralph Theano, the minister in charge of relations with Parliament. He said that the PRI members were a shame to the Parliament and their actions are a crime against the nation. Theano also defended Lamothe, saying that it was not the prime minister's fault that the budget was not yet allocated. The minister added that in other countries, parliamentarians like the PRI members will be asked to step down from their posts if they did something like that.

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Haiti Cabinet Shake, Bernice Fidelia, Magalie Racine and David Bazile as new members

After so many speculations. After so many names mentioned to be on the list of termination in the Government of Laurent Lamothe, the decision has been made. After being in power for just over a year and a half. The Martelly presidency obviously has not been working to the satisfaction of the president.

As a result, some heads have to roll!

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe gave the news about the reshuffling of his ministerial Cabinet via Twitter. The new members of his cabinet include:

Bernice Fidelia who replaces Daniel Supplice as minister for Haitians Living Abroad. She recently occupied the position of liaison with the Haitian diaspora.

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Government of Haiti Supports Alleged Rapist Josue Pierre Louis

Outraged attorneys, representing the victim of a rape perpetrated by a government of Haiti (GOH) official, condemned the GOH for its public support of alleged rapist Josue Pierre Louis. Louis is President of the Permanent Electoral Council, being disputed as a valid ruling body.

During a hearing, attended by the victim and judge adjudicating the case, Jean Renel Sanon, Minister of Justice (MOJ), showed up unexpectedly. Andre Michel, human rights attorney, claimed the random appearance of Sanon was an intimidation tactic, calculated to make Marie Danielle Bernadin drop her case against Louis. She accuses him of battering and raping her. Sanon has a history of questionable behavior in his position as MOJ, and he was not required to attend the pre-trial hearing. Court observers were bewildered as to why the MOJ had shown up.

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The ministerial cabinet of the government Laurent Lamothe

The new Ministerial cabined for Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is out and we have the names. Many of the same individuals were kept in their positions. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe presented his general policy before the Haitian Senators and it was approved before midnight on May 8, 2012

The ministerial cabinet of the government Martelly-Lamothe is composed of 16 Ministers. Here they are:

Ronsard St-Cyr, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor

Thomas Jacques, Minister of Agriculture Natural Resources and Rural Development

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religious Affairs - Laurent Lamothe

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