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Christianity and Voodoo Co-Habitate in Anse-a-Foleur

In the Nord Ouest Department located within Saint-Louis-du-Nord Arrondissement sits Anse-à-Foleur. Lying just above sea level, it is home to a population of 18,100 inhabitants.

Locals in Anse-à-Foleur follow the officially recognized creed, Christianity. But as is common in other Haitian communities, Voodoo also exists. The village is home to a Voodoo church that contains many maze-like corridors, and the fenced-in area outside contains a pond, filled with dirty water at mid-calf level. The purpose of the pond is to purify sins, a Christian concept.

To give some background on how the practice of Voodoo and Christian concept of sin came to be associated, it begins with the immigration of Congolese slaves to Hispaniola. The slaves brought with them their belief in the Loa, a supreme deity who possesses the bodies of chosen aspirants. To be possessed by the Loa is an honor, and ritual dances with chickens and Voodoo drums entice the Loa to appear. When European settlers seized control of Hispaniola, they forbade the pagan practice of Voodoo. But Voodoo shamans found aspects of Christianity appealing, and began incorporating them into their ceremonies. Today Christian and Voodoo believers live in harmony.

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Fete Champetre, Major Cultural Event in Haiti

Tourism has been on a substantial descent over the last 20 years. But one series of events, the Fête champêtre, continues to give hope to a struggling industry as tourists, local, from the Diaspora, and international, flock Haiti to witness the countryside festival.

One of the main avenues for entertainment to the 18th century elite, a Fête champêtre (a country feast or pastoral festival) was a type of garden party much loved at court. With pretensions to simplicity, the Fête champêtre was patronized by the well dressed, entertained by musicians hidden in the trees, as they enjoyed the beauty of landscaped park.

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