Things To Know About the town of Anse Rouge

One of the towns comprising Haiti's Gross-Morne Arrondissement is Anse Rouge. Some 32,100 people live in Anse Rouge, making it a little bit overcrowded. Though a lot of people live here, the town is still described as a paradise. It is a beautiful place where people can revel in the beauty of the blue and cloudy sky, as well as the sea in the distance. However, the climate changed over the years. The town used to get a high amount of rainfall but now, it rarely rains in the area. As a matter if fact, the ground has become too hard and dry because of the lack of rain. It now looks like a desert, leading to lower agriculture production.


The use of donkeys as a mode of transportation is very common in the town. Children ride the animals while searching for water and going to school. Anse Rouge owns an airstrip but it is only used for relief operations.

Today, the town is much more crowded because of the arrival of refugees who were greatly affected by the 2010 earthquake. The number of students in Anse Rouge tripled from 100 students per school. Given this, a group called Living Water Ministries laid plans to build a new school in the town in order to let more children study. The planned school is expected to accommodate over 400 students, meaning that there will be more room for those who wish to complete their education. If it pushes through, the new school will mark a progress in the town.

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