My Friend do not be fooled on April Fool Day

It's April Fool Day. You can expect someone to pull something foolish on April Fool Day such as this joke The "Haitian Joudalist just pulled on you.


Were you taken by the joke?

Come on admit it. I got you this time.

Although this is not an official Holiday, April Fool Day has been widely recognized as a day where everyone will play all kinds of jokes and foolishness.

It is not any different in Haiti. On April Fool Day, you can expect the Haitians to come up with alll kind of funny jokes.

Here are some of the best April Fool Day Jokes caught on Video:

THEY SHOOTIN'!!! - Funny April Fools Day Prank idea:

University Relations April Fools Day Prank :

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Bonzin says...

Gin bwi kap kap kouri ke 68 fe premye lo nan loteri lundi 4 mas map mande si se ve ou soi si se lambi davril
Min nouvel la pou moun ki rinmin bonzin yo

Haiti Borlette - Mirlande Manigat Lost...

68 Fe 1er Lot...

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Ventpase says...

Senate lambert te di celestin te ginyin premie toua ak 52%
Senate Youri di ke Manigat ap ginyin deziem toua ak 70%

Yo toulede gin diare

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Lambi Davril says...

Senate lambert ak senate senate youri fek sot di ke miland ap rentre nan palais kom presidente le 14 mai, min se jwe yo tap jwe yo tap bwe ak preval.

yo pren preval nan lambi davril

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Retsezi says...

Michel "Sweet Micky'' Martelly, 50, has received more than the required 50 percent plus one of the vote required to beat longtime opposition leader and former first lady Mirlande Manigat to win Haiti's first presidential runoff election in a quarter century.

Martelly reportedly won the election by a 3-1

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Komprensepo says...

The US Marines Landed In Haiti, For The Hurricane Season They Say...

Senator Latortue and Senator Lambert and CEP and Preval better be careful it could be a lousy late April Fool joke. Read part of the article below.

Sunday April 03, 2011 01:15 PM ET

While there is no official headlines about this yet, U.S. Ambassador Kenneth Merten informed the Haitian media that Marines landed in Haiti in anticipation the hurricane season.

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Komensepense says...

Mamoune, who are the Duvalierists and how many are

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Mamoune says...

Why should the Lavalas meet with Duvalierists.

The Duvalierists are criminals and they should be going to jail in Haiti with Jean-Claide Duvalier.

That is the only place they

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Alfred Auguste says...

I admit you got me my man. I really thought that this was real.

This is a joke, however it would be a good thing for Haiti if these two can meet and show some unity.

Haiti neesds that

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