Arniquet Community in Haiti

Arniquet is a cityship located in the Port-Salut Arrondissement, under the Sud Department. With an estimated population of 8,000, it lies 583 feet above sea level. Located on the south-western part of the Tiburon Peninsula, it faces the Caribbean Sea. In its time zone, the sun in Arniquet shines nearly 12 hours a day, from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm.


Like most small villages across Haiti, Arniquet has no paved roads, no air strip, and electricity is infrequently delivered. Because of this undependable service, the villagers retire when the sun sets and get up when the sun rises.

Many aid agencies operate in Arniquet, and at the moment several projects are up and running. Catholic Relief Services has a long-term contract to deliver basic services to the community called the Multi-Year Assistance Program. The Global Red Cross is very active, operating two programs, the Network Cholera Prevention and Treatment initiative and the Network Text Message Campaign. The first is designed to teach Haitians how to decontaminate drinking water and other cholera-prevention habits. The latter is a country-wide effort to give Haitians the opportunity to conduct banking-accounts business with mobile phones for a cost of as little as $7.00 for the initial investment.

The Salvation Army is funding the repair and rebuilding of 24 of their schools demolished in the catastrophic 2010 earthquake, through its Salvation Army World Service Office.

One well-known personage comes from Arniquet, Bishop Joseph Willy Romelus, currently Bishop of Jeremie.

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