Rony Timothée, spokesperson and the activist iron Odigé arrested

FOPARC Members Arrested on Trumped-Up Charges Sunday October 26th a mass demonstration took place in Port-au-Prince over the Martelly government, which continues to delay legislative and local elections. Two major opposition parties, the Patriotic Movement of the Democratic Opposition (MOPOD) and Patriotic Force for the Respect of the Constitution (FOPARC) issued the alert.


The Haitian National Police were out in full force while the demonstrators chanted slogans, mostly calling for President Martelly and his administration's resignation. While marching in Petion-Ville toward the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) headquarters, the opposition protestors took the CEP to task for its failure to prepare for elections, which the government has been promising for over three years. In particular, the protestors charged the opposition senators with not ratifying the electoral law, a step they should have completed eight months ago. Without ratification no legal structure exists by which to organize elections. Riot police were present at CEP headquarters to avert any incidents.

In the meantime elsewhere two protest event organizers, Rony Timothee and Iron Odige, were arrested by police on warrants. According to Me Saint-Hubert, Rony Timothee's attorney, the charges were trumped up and baseless. Saint-Hubert considers the Martelly-Lamothe administration grossly stupid to think it could get away with such nonsense.The protestors, stymied from getting to CEP, returned to the capital where they were met by police, using tear gas and water cannons, finally breaking them up. However, some protestors marched on to Carrefour police station where they called for the release of Timothee and Odige.

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