Barack Obama meeting Haitian President Michel Martelly

The U.S President Barack Obama, on 6 February, 2014, has appreciated Haiti's progress toward delayed legislative election and renewed America's promise to assist in the re-structural program on cleaning up of the 2010 earthquake damage. This was the first official sit-down between President Barack Obama and President Michel Martelly. The U.S President at the start of this Oval Office meeting has said, he was happy because many international aids flowed to the country since the tormenting earthquake hit Haiti four years ago at magnitude 7.0 and killed around 300,000 people and left 1.5 million Haitians homeless.


President Barack Obama is encouraged about Haiti's progress and improvements since this devastation. The improvement on the programs undertaken for the development of schools, infrastructure, reopening of businesses and the security management in the country is satisfactory. The U.S Secretary of State John Kerry has also acknowledged that the economic and health care indicators in Haiti are moving in a positive direction. The U.S President expects that the delayed election may take place later part of this year. American people are committed to support this process of rebuilding in Haiti and dedicated to take every effort so that all the children of Haiti are able to lead lives of opportunity, security and prosperity.

President Barack Obama has further added, we all understand that the road to recovery is a difficult. It is a slow process and a lot more work has to be done. He will have talks with his Haitian counterpart in future on human rights, prisons, judiciary and corruption. The Haitian President expressed his concern for security, narco trafficking and commitment to build a strong democratic state within the country. President Martelly is presently busy in finding a way through discussion with his opponents to resolve a month long deadlock over holding parliamentary elections.

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