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Haiti's Fate is Decided in Washington, Not Port-au-Prince

Even four years after the devastating earthquake that tore apart Haiti with 160,000 deaths, the country is still bearing the scars. The dependence on the foreign aid has skyrocketed. Haiti is not the easiest place to do business. The country lacks good ports and roads, electricity and good supportive institutions. Haiti has remained in ruins. Its desperately needed reconstruction projects and infrastructure are still in firm foreign control. The government at Port-au Prince is failing within an impoverished damaged economy. Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas with low labor cost and tariff free export dumping market for its closest neighbor U.S. More than 40% of the Haitians are subsistence farmers who mainly focus on growing enough food to feed own families and are subject to vulnerable to damage from recurring natural disasters.

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Barack Obama meeting Haitian President Michel Martelly

The U.S President Barack Obama, on 6 February, 2014, has appreciated Haiti's progress toward delayed legislative election and renewed America's promise to assist in the re-structural program on cleaning up of the 2010 earthquake damage. This was the first official sit-down between President Barack Obama and President Michel Martelly. The U.S President at the start of this Oval Office meeting has said, he was happy because many international aids flowed to the country since the tormenting earthquake hit Haiti four years ago at magnitude 7.0 and killed around 300,000 people and left 1.5 million Haitians homeless.

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Martelly finalman prale rankontre Barack La!

The Haitian President arrived in Washington yesterday (February 4th, 2014) to finally meet with the American President Barack Obama. He will spend 4 days there and is expected to meet some high level members of the American Government.

On Wednesday, he will meet Secretary of State John Kerry at the State Department, the "Congressional Black Caucus and in the evening will attend a dinner hosted by Senator Bill Nelson of Florida at the Hilton Hotel.

On Thursday, Martelly will meet the American President Barack Obama as well as the U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden.

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Barack Obama finally invites Michel Martelly at the White House

Finish with the rumors that our President will never be at the White house in Washington D.C. President Michel Martelly will conduct his first official visit in Washington D.C. and officially meet President Barack Obama on Thursday, February 6, 2014.

No information on the upcoming meeting has been released by the White House.

After being in office for almost three year without meeting Barack Obama officially, many people have been wondering whether there was a message on this. The two leaders finally shook hands recently in South Africa, at Nelson Mandela Funeral.

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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton welcomes Michel Martelly in Washington D.C.

As Michel Martelly was officially confirmed as the New president of Haiti, he was busy in the U.S. Capital, in Washington DC meeting all the right people

Now we can all say the 2010 and 2011election tragedy in Haiti is finally over.
Now Michel Martelly is being involved in better and bigger things. He is meeting with the players that would be responsible to either make or brake his government.

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