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Haiti, the only country occupied by US that doesn't play Baseball

Baseball is the most popular game in United States and it has been picked up in many countries where US has managed to put its military weight for some reason or the other. History says that United States has used its military force in several of its neighboring southern countries that include the names like Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama and Nicaragua. Why exactly America used it military forces in these countries is sometimes controversial but the truth is that they did.

Haiti is the only country occupied by US that does not play baseball.

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Blue Jays introducing baseball to Haiti

Participating in sports can be an important part of a young person's life. If the youngster gets the right coaches, who are teachers and leaders, the experience can lead to a lifetime of involvement and enjoyment with sports. This is what Mooser and his friend had in mind when they started baseball in Haiti. They started a Little League team which got Martha Rogers, the chair of the Rogers Foundation, a charitable organization also involved after meeting Mooser through Artists for Peace and Justice, a nonprofit organization.

Rogers also involved the Jays care Foundation and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and with their donations, they helped to build a sports academy in Haiti. Danielle Bedasse, the executive director of the Jays Care Foundation took the initiative with a lot of passion. He said, "These are kids that don't have anything, so the least we could do was use some of the resources that we have and provide some equipment and Blue Jays gear and make them feel great." They bought the equipment, Blue Jays hats, T-shirts for the kids, and they started a baseball program.

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