Haiti Birth Rate

The oldest independent black republic of world, Haiti gained its independence in 1804. Haiti is a small island country that shares the island with Dominican Republic. The total land area of Haiti is 27,750 sq. km. or 10,714 sq. miles. The country is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. According to CIA World Factbook, the birth rate of Haiti in February 2013 was 23.87 births every 1,000 population.


Birth rate is defined as average number of births annually for a given year in a population of 1,000 people. This birth rate is also known as the Crude Birth Rate. The birth rate is the parameter that is used for determining the rate of population growth in a country. This birth rate is dependent on population's age structure and fertility level.

It was found that after the devastating earthquake that knocked down Haiti in 2010, the birth rate increased substantial. Studies revealed that there was a very sharp increase in the birth rate in Haiti after the earthquake compared to the birth rate before the shockwave. To be precise, the birth rate tripled in the post-earthquake phase. Experts said that this is a normal human behavior and that birth rates significantly increase after any major crisis. It was found that since November 2010 hospital maternity wards and other temporary facilities were overwhelmed by the number of admissions.

In 2010, the total fertility rate was 3.2. Fertility rate represents the number of births per woman. The crude birth rate for the year for 25 while the number of births in a population of 1,000 was 240.

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