$300,000 Offered to alleged victim to keep quiet on Josue Pierre-Louis Rape case

We have new information on the rape case of Josue Pierre-Louis.


Josue Pierre Louis accused of Rape

New information coming from the father of the rape victim would suggest that the team working for Josue Pierre-Louis is willing to use cash and influence to keep the case from going any further.

It has been disclosed that the team defending former Justice Minister and actual President of the CEP, Losue Pierre-Louis, have been trying to buy the opposition. The father of the alleged rape victim said says that the Haitian government offered his daughter $300,000.00 and a job at a consul office outside of the country if she would drop her rape case against Josue Pierre-Louis.

According to report obtained by the :Haitian Joudalist", last Wednesday, a Haitian attorney named Demarsais, came and picked up the the victim's father. He was offered reparations in in the amount of $300,000.

Also on Saturday, in the popular show Ranmasse on Radio Caraibes, one of the attorneys currently defending the rape victim revealed that he holds information that several cases of abuse on women have been recorded in Haitian court against former Haitian Justice Minister, Josue Pierre-Louis. He promised to release these information within the next few days

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Subject: $300,000 Offered to alleged victim to keep quiet on Josue Pierre-Louis Rape case edit

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