Haiti, One of the most corrupt Nations in 2011, Transparency International reported

The Haitian government is still plagued by issues such as bribery, kickback and embezzlement of funds. At least this is what the 2011 Global Corruption Report indicated.


"Bare Volè, bare Volè"

Haiti ranks 175th in the report, which puts the country among the most corrupt nations in the world for 2011.

The report also indicated that our neighbors are doing much better to fight corruption in their country. Bahamas ranks 21 for doing a good job the delivery of government services to its citizens. The united states ranks on 24th position.


How do we improve our number for next year?

Do we start putting people "Emba kod"?

Do you have a permanent solution to remove bribery, kickback and embezzlement of funds in Haiti government?

What are your alternatives?

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Ricclavie says...

We can be improved to a better rating.

Let's lower the 175 to a 24 in a period of 5 to 10 years:

Revive the constitution,
Reinforce our values,
Reform our justice system,
Renew our education system,
Redefine the nation capitol,
Reinstate our 9 regional departments,
Rebuild our cornering economics with our allies and partnerships,
Create more federal

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Jad13 says...

Amazing! The different application of words...

In Haiti and other small countries, certain actions and activities by members of the government are referred to as bribery, kickback, embezzlement...

in America the word is lobbying...

and it's

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Subject: Haiti, One of the most corrupt Nations in 2011, Transparency International reported edit

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