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Doing Business 2015, Haiti inproved by one Percent in Business Environment

Although Haiti is making small steps in becoming a friendlier environment to business, it is important to notice that these steps are forward. According to the latest report Doing Business 2015 issued by the World Bank, Haiti overall improved by one point, moving from a position of 181 in 2014 to 180 for 2015.

Here are the areas Haiti was rated upon:

In Starting a Business, Haiti did not do well there. It lost one point from a year ago ranking 188th out of 189 economies in the world. It is still averages around 97 days to open a business in Haiti.

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US, Haiti Transition from Post-Disaster to Building & Long-Term Development

As per Haitian- Caribbean News Network information dated June 9, 2014, a report issued by the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs on Haiti's rebuilding effort on the transition from a devastating earthquake four years ago, the US State Department has acknowledged Haiti's successful attempt in rebuilding, encouraging private investment, job creation and long term development, among other things. The country is approaching its five year mark since the devastating earthquake of 2010 that killed nearly 300,000 people. The report puts emphasis on the facts that as of June 2014, more than 90% of the 1.5 million displaced persons living in the temporary shelters have found alternative housing. Almost all the earthquake debris has been removed, private investment was at ten year's high in 2013 and thousands (approximately 30,000 jobs) of jobs were created in the country's growing export apparel sector. Thousands of farmers have yielded higher corps and more income.

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The Business of Public Disturbance and Mass Demonstration in Haiti

Public disturbance, protest and manifestation are totally unique in a country such as Haiti. Anyone can decide to start one at any time, in any place and that is for any reason what so ever.

In Haiti, there are two types of protest or manifestation that are the most successful. You can obtain success in a protest in Haiti by disturbing public services or by financing mass demonstration with Protest Brokers.

Public Service Disturbance:
Public Service disturbance in Haiti is usually obtained with just a few individuals determined to be involved in an act that will have an impact on many individuals, often people not involved in the cause they are protesting about. Imagine you want to start a protest in your neighborhood because you want water, electricity, paved road, etc. This can easily be accomplished by talking to a few friends and organize to block the roads. A road blockage is usually done with burning tires, stones, fire, and any heavy object found in the area.

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Haiti to become emerging economy by 2030

If Haiti is to become an emerging economy by the year 2030, great national emphasis must be placed on education with a strong focus being placed on science and mathematics. Such is the sentiment shared by many whose vision is the thrust that drives the Haitian Bioscience Initiative in their endeavor to provide young Haitians with rudimentary science lab techniques.

The initiative is a partnership with academics, professionals and educators who are striving to provide teaching of the necessary techniques such as environmental monitoring, microbiology, wet chemistry as well as molecular biology. Their vision for the long term is to create an up-to-date bioscience lab facility which would serve to provide education in the life sciences for the youth of Haiti.

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Woodly Etheard "Sonson Lafamilia", suspect in Samy Azzi kidnapping

A close friend of President Michel Martelly has been arrested as he was implicated in the kidnapping of an important businessman.

According to Radio Lakansyel, Woodly Ethéard also known as "Sonson Lafamilia" has been arrested for his implication in the kidnapping of businessman Samy Azzi.

The report indicated that the kidnapping of businessman Samy Azzi took place on February 17, 2014 by a gang led by Woodly Ethéard alias Sonson Lafamilia

Also our source has reported that the vehicle used to carry out the kidnapping was that of Interior Ministry.

Mezanmi, Kote nou ye nan Payi sa! Konyè-a se machinn Leta minm kape kidnappe moun. Epi, Avantaj ke machinnn leta ginyin, lè ke yape fè kidnapping, vit yo fime et yo ka mete sirenn.

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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Haiti, increased by 4.3% in 2013

The preliminary estimate of "Economic Accounts 2013" by Haitian Institute of Statistics and Informatics (IHSI) has revealed that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Haiti has increased in volume by 4.3% to 48%. The previous year the same increase rate in volume was by 2.3% and that was corresponded by a revised GDP growth rate of 3.4% measured in the middle of the year. The projected growth rate for 2012 was estimated at 6.5% earlier. Every sector in the country has contributed positively with additional growth towards country's GDP.

The agricultural sector has contributed additional 4.6% by value against 1.3% in 2012. The building and public works which consists the works of reconstruction of public buildings, major infrastructure and certain private sector initiatives have also added 9% more. The catering and hospitality sectors have added 5% value. Other industries, although have smaller contribution in GDP, have shown upward trend. The domestic consumption in the year 2012 was less by 5% over its previous year and that too had experienced an increase in volume by 2.8% in 2013. This was the result of foreign remittances by the migrant citizens and transfers by government to the households in cash and kind. Last year, the country enjoyed a stable business environment and the economy was further boosted by government spending.

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Martelly Refuses to Boycott Dominican Republic, Says Buy Local

The government of Haiti (GOH) is maintaining a stance to avoid applying sanctions against the Dominican Republic (DR) for its High Court ruling to displace up to 250,000 Haitians of illegal immigrants. The DR is willfully withholding identity documents for Haitians born in the DR, retroactive to 1929.

The GOH delayed its response to the ruling, but has finally come forward to say it wishes to maintain close ties with the DR. However, CARICOM has suspended the DR's membership in the regional Caribbean body. CARICOM will consider reabsorbing the DR if a bi-lateral commission can resolve the issue of the deportation of Haitians. In response, the DR has refused to continue discussions with Haiti since their suspensation from CARICOM.

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According to IMF, Haiti GDP Grew By 4 Percent in 2013

And the, if not good then, hopeful news keeps on coming. Information coming from the Haitian Institute of Statistics and Informatics (IHSI) along with the Ministry of Economy and Finance shows there has been a registered increase of 6.4% of the index of industrial production. Baldly put, the Haitian gross domestic product has risen.

Detailed in the Q4 2012 to 2013 publication for July through to September, the results also showed a 2.5% increase of the quarter before. The increase is also backed by data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is slightly up from the forecast made earlier in June of 2013 which put the growth percentage at only 3.4%.

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Council on Salaries Defies Haitian Law with Illegal Wage Hike

Going against Haitian law, which demands workers be paid a minimum of 300 gourdes for an eight-hour shift, the Council on Salaries (CSS) agreed to raise daily pay to only 225 gourdes.

Outraged members of the Collective of Textile Factory Unions (KOSIT) protested in Port-au-Prince and Ouanaminthe for a 500-gourde daily wage. Textile manufacturers responded acceding to the demands of KOSIT would hinder Haiti from being competitive with Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Tellingly, those countries are infamous for intolerable work conditions and worker abuse.

Avoiding the issue of punitive wages for textile workers, the Association of Haitian Industries asserts, keeping wages extremely low will ". . . help Haiti open up and present itself as a country that is changing and modernizing . . ." To whose benefit?

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Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti S.A (Brana) new image for Prestige Beer

The national beer that has twice taken home gold in the 'Lager' category of the World Beer Cup (in 2000 and 2012), Prestige Beer has a new image, said to fit the change a-brewing in fair Haiti. The new look, announced by the producers of the lager, Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti S.A. (Brana), embodies not just a new beginning for the beer and for the country, but also shows off Haiti's past, its heritage and culture, all in one bottle.

According to Prestige Beer brand manager, Laurent Lilavois, the company chose the new image for the strong, youthful look that is both modern and patriotic. Its blue and red theme speaks to progress and modernity, while it harkens to Haitian tradition. He says, it fluently expresses the change Haiti is now, 'open to' while being oriented towards innovation and advancement.

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