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Imposs, Haitian Canadian rapper

Imposs is a well known Canadian rapper from Haitian origin. He was born and brought up in Quebec. The artist has given some awesome rap songs to the world and was a part of the Muzion music group. He had a total change of life when he started with his solo singing career, which gave him his unique identity. He has also worked in collaboration with Wyclef Jean. K.Pone.Inc music label is associated with this rapper for his music productions. He is world renowned for "Real City" phrase dubbing for Montreal. His real name is S. Rimsky Salgado.

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CPAM 1610, popular Haitian Radio Station in Montreal set on fire

The authorities continue to investigate a fire incident in the popular radio station CPAM 1610 in Montreal. The station was damaged by two fires on July 2 and the police said the incident was suspicious. Luckily, no one was in the building when the incident occurred. According to reports, the station's front window was broken and the fire started near it. A second fire ignited at the second floor of the station located at the corner of Musset Ave. and Cremazie Blvd. Montreal Fire Department spokesperson Claude Deschuymer said the fire was likely caused by Molotov cocktails because broken glass was seen in both places where the fire started.

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Haiti offers to Canada the biggest growth opportunity

Considering the economic situation of many countries in the world, Haiti is looking more and more attractive as a place for doing business to many countries in the world that are focusing on growth. Haiti presents itself as a country where a lot of money can be made; at least, this is what the Canadian government believes. In a world where the competition is fierce and each country is looking out for their own interest, Canada is not an exception.

The Harper Government will lead a trade mission to Santo Domingo and Port-au-Prince from September 2 to 7, 2012 to open the door to new opportunities in that market for these Canadian companies. Twenty organizations, primarily from the infrastructure and , will be participating in the trade mission.

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Haitian-Vietnamese Ketttie Jean on the Threshold of Major Recognition

Kettie Jean, a Haitian-Vietnamese female actor, is part of a young generation of actors and filmmakers, who are experimenting with digital filmmaking, the technology that gave more creative freedom to filmmakers in the late 90s.

She is the lead actor in a new series airing on YouTube, "The Silent City", shot in isolated areas in New York City. A story of survival after a city has been wiped out by a catastrophic event, leaving only the remaining survivors, it is a film in the tradition of 1980s "Mad Max", a post-apocalyptic film. Kettie plays the role of mystery woman, Otsu, whom the story centers around. She is being trailed by an anonymous character, played by Eric Stafford, who discovers her footprints towards the end of episode one.

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Canada has spoken, police force in Haiti yes, Army no

When you can't pick up the bill, you have to be satisfied with what is given to you. That is the case in Haiti. Canada is the latest member of the international community not to agree with the idea that Haiti should have a military force at this time. A spokesman for Canadian Minister of State of Foreign Affairs Diane Ablonczy, stated in an email to The Associated Press that because of the difficult condition of the Haitian population, it is not the right time to talk about a new military force.

Me Zanmi Koze pa pou wou, Ou Kon Tande ou pa gin Lajan min ouap fe Lwa

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Canadian government faired Jean-Bertrand Aristide return after Earthquake

In a document released recently by The Canadian Press news agency, it was announced that The Canadian government had great concerns that the Haitian population would be involved in a popular uprising and create a chaotic condition in Haiti.

Danm, an opportunity missed by Jean-Bertrand

Canadian government also faired that because of the confusion that follows after the earthquake, former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide would organize a return to power.

The news also revealed that the quick responce by Canada to the Haiti following the earthquake was in part driven by concerns for the stability of the Haitian government.

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Michaelle Jean to visit Haiti Earthquake area soon

Canada governor general Michaelle Jean to visit Haiti Earthquake area soon

The Haitian born Canada governor general, Michaelle Jean, will travel to Haiti on March 8-10. She will be accompanied by her husband, Jean-Daniel.

Michaelle Jean is originally from Haiti. She is one of the most famous Haitian Women Celebrities.

Michaelle Jean, born 6 September 1957, is the Governor General of Canada. She was appointed as such by Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, to replace Adrienne Clarkson as vicereine, with the official announcement of the selection made on 4 August 2005, and Jean's investiture taking place on 27 September of the same year...

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