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Cervical cancer and breast cancer are leading killers of Haitian women

According to Dr. Jean Ronald Cornelly Director of Oncology Program at the Ministry of Public Health and Population in Haiti cancer is a major health problem in Haiti. Women between the ages of 40 and 50 years have a bigger chance of dying from either cervical cancer and breast cancer than anything else.


Eske nou konnin plis fanm mou ak Kanser ke tout lot bagay an Ayiti. Anpil fanm Ayisyen ki mouri, se pa Djab ki pran yo, se souvan yon kanser ki fini ak moun sa yo.

On 4th February, 2015, Dr. Jean Ronald Cornelly, the Director of Oncology Program at the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) has said that cancer, like globally, is a serious health threat in Haiti that needs immediate attention. Most of the cancer cases in women are cervical and breast cancers and commonly, it becomes life threatening between 40 and 50 years of age. Dr. Jean Cornelly while addressing on the World Cancer Day, has reminded that with cancer, Haiti has one of the highest incidence and mortality rate in the world, because we are not well equipped to diagnose the disease at the early stage and neither have we had structured program nor good treatment for the malady. He cited one recent report from the World Health Organization (WHO) which suggests that as per regional statistics on the Latin American and Caribbean zone, Haiti has the highest incidence of this deadly disease. Out of 100,000 cases, 93.2 women suffer from cervical cancer and of that, 53.2 women dies from it. Dr Vincent De Gennaro, the Head of Internal Medicine for the project Medishare, has explained that the reason for such high mortality rate is that 80% of the patients never report until the disease is at an advanced stage.

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Cancerous Foods to Avoid

Cancer develops either through genetic transference or from the environment. Although there are people, who have a predisposition for developing cancer, research indicates restricting the intake of certain foods can halt, or forestall the formation of a cancerous tumor. Cancer-causing foods are packed with refined sugars, processed carbohydrates, preservatives, and hydrogenated fats. Five types of foods are precursors to cancerous tumors forming. Here are the causes and risks associated with consuming them:

Sugary Drinks. They are sugar-ladened beverages, sodas, and juice drinks. A journal study concluded people, who drink two-plus servings a week, develop an 87% increase for pancreatic cancer, as opposed to those, who do not drink them. Although sugar is not the agent that infects healthy cells, it functions as a food source for cancer cells and tumor development.

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Haitian-American Victoria Duval diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma Cancer

Victoria Duval was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma after three qualifying matches in Wimbledon. She had won her first career draw match before she revealed her status. She said she will have to step aside for a short while because of the illness, but she's still hoping to be back quite soon. After the first round of qualifying while in Wimbledon, the diagnosis was made but she had to continue with the competition.

Victoria Duval expressed her faith in God and told well-wishers that she will recover from and continue with her tennis game which she loves the most. She is also praying to God to give her and her family strength and everything they need in this trying moment. According to her representatives from IMG, the biopsy taken in England and the U.S. confirmed the results and therefore the diagnosis was complete.

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Judge Joseph Nerette, Haiti Provisional President

Joseph Nerette was born on April 9th in the year 1924. He lived for 83 years and his life saw many ups and downs. He was popular Haitian judge and had a long political career which culminated as the President of Haiti.

Provisional President

Joseph Nérette was the 48th president of Haiti. While he served his term as the president of Haiti Jean-Jacques Honorat was the Prime Minister. He was a provisional president of Haiti as the actual power rested with the military.

The military was headed by Michel Francois and Raoul Cedras who were really powerful leaders. As the power rested with the military there were no major changes initiated by Joseph Nérette as a president of Haiti.

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Unveiling the Thin Link between Abortion and Breast Cancer

The issue of abortion causing or being the effect of breast cancer has been highly politicized. This is the case because no scientific research has been conducted to confirm the close connection between the two. In light of these facts, the section that follows is dedicated to show the possibility of the linkage between the two issues.

Cancer occurs because of the overgrowing of the tissues of a particular organ. This means that the abnormal growth of the cells of organs under observation makes the organ form cramps. It actually forms a tumor on the body part. Every part of the body is susceptible to abnormal outgrowths and breasts are not exceptions. If the growth happens to the breast then what follows is breast cancer.

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