Open enrollment to join our Association of Victimized Candidates

The key to be a good business person is the ability to predict what the demand will likely be depending on the situation or occasion. I am 100 percent certain that there is going to be a great demand for candidates who would rather be known as Victimized Candidates once the election results are published by the CEP.


As they may already start, many of those who did not win will play the card of victims so that they can capitalize on the sympathy of the population as well as keeping a face to justify their lost. This is usually the most difficult time for the CEP members in Haiti. Candidates who were not chosen will start protesting

Often some candidates would self-Declared winner before the official result in order to manipulate the public opinion. Those who are more bold will even go as far as giving victory speeches. All they are doing is a preventive attack to set the stage. If in fact they do not win, they could easily blame the CEP or other political parties.

Another objective is to set themselves in a favorable position for the next election. They can run as the person who was supposed to be the elected in the previous election

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Subject: Open enrollment to join our Association of Victimized Candidates edit

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