More than 12 dead in Car accident in Fond des Negres

On Chrismas day, December 25, a major road accident in Fond des Negres took the lives of 12 people, including three small babies. It happened around 8:00AM when a bus lost control of its break engaged in a head on collision with a minibus coming in direction of Les Irois in direction to Port-au-Prince. Most of the people died instantly, some, on their way to Hospital Armee du Salut and Sainte Therese


Traffic Safety and Road condition in Haiti

Haitian Kreyol:

Plis pase 12 moun mouri nan aksidan Machin nan Fond des Negres

Jou Nwèl, 25 desanm, te gin yon gwo aksidan sou wout nan Fond des Negres ki te pran lavi 12 moun, ki gen ladan twa ti bebe piti. Li te rive bò 8:00 AM lè yon otobis pèdi kontwòl, li yo angaje nan yon kolizyon tèt a tèt ak yon Minibuss ki te ap vini nan direksyon Les Irois pou al Pòtoprens. Pifò nan moun yo te mouri imedyatman, kèk, sou wout pou ale nan Lopital Arme du Salut ak Sainte Therese

Ki sa ou panse?

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