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The reasons why roads in Haiti kill and cause harm

Haiti is considered a country with the worst transport system in the Caribbean. Here is a partial list of the reasons:

Traffic is usually chaotic with roads generally unmarked. Lanes are not marked and there are many roads with no signs to indicate the direction of traffic flow.

Some drivers do not have Driver's License. They use Receipt of citation when stopped by the Police.

Not all drivers use turn indicators or international hand signals properly.

Speed limits are rarely posted. they are generally ignored when posted.

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Driving in Haiti is attempting Suicide, you may succeed

A major road accident occurred on Saturday in Cavaillon. A truck crashed against a wall due to break failure. It took the lives of 12 people, over 30 were severely injured. The injured were taken to the hospital in Les Cayes for treatment.

Was this an accident? At least this is what the people and the Haitian authorities present at the scene stated.

To be honest with you, this was not an accident. Maybe by saying that it was an accident, it removes the responsibility from those who are in fact responsible and should be paying the consequences for death of 12 people and the medical cost of over 30 more.

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Road accident at Coupe a Limbe, 12 dead, several injuries

On the night of Friday, May 6 to Saturday, May 7, there was a major accident in Coupe à Limbé involving two semi trucks. The first truck was trying to avoid another broken truck hit the second one that was overloaded with mainly Madan Sara with their merchandises. A total of 12 passengers were confirmed dead and many more injured.

The injured were transported hospitals in Quartier Morin and Milot. Due to the ongoing strike, the injured people could not be transported Justinian Hospital in Cap-Haitien

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More than 12 dead in Car accident in Fond des Negres

On Chrismas day, December 25, a major road accident in Fond des Negres took the lives of 12 people, including three small babies. It happened around 8:00AM when a bus lost control of its break engaged in a head on collision with a minibus coming in direction of Les Irois in direction to Port-au-Prince. Most of the people died instantly, some, on their way to Hospital Armee du Salut and Sainte Therese

Haitian Kreyol:

Plis pase 12 moun mouri nan aksidan Machin nan Fond des Negres

Jou Nwèl, 25 desanm, te gin yon gwo aksidan sou wout nan Fond des Negres ki te pran lavi 12 moun, ki gen ladan twa ti bebe piti. Li te rive bò 8:00 AM lè yon otobis pèdi kontwòl, li yo angaje nan yon kolizyon tèt a tèt ak yon Minibuss ki te ap vini nan direksyon Les Irois pou al Pòtoprens. Pifò nan moun yo te mouri imedyatman, kèk, sou wout pou ale nan Lopital Arme du Salut ak Sainte Therese

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Terrible Truck Accident in the North of Haiti, 17 dead

We just learned that there was a major truck accident that took place Near Quartier-Morin. So far authorities have counted 17 dead .

We also learned the accident was caused as the driver was trying to avoid colliding with a motorcycle. As it turned out, the three individuals on the motorcycle are fine; however 17 passengers inside of the truck were killed.

Vendors aboard a truck, on their way to market their goods, were involved in an accident Saturday morning. They were enroute from Saint-Raphael when a motorcycle crossed their path, forcing the driver to swerve, causing the truck to over-turn. It happened close to Cap-Haitian. Of those passengers inside the truck, 18 died, while 28 sustained injuries, some of a serious nature.

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Reasons for frequent road accident in Haiti, speed and driver on the phone

From statistics gathered over the past almost decade and a half, the charge can be laid at the feet of speed and phone usage for the amount of road accidents on Haitian streets. This information comes from the Office Of Vehicle Insurance Against Third (OAVCT). Another factor of the number of road casualties and fatalities was attributed to passengers not wearing seat belts.

Haitian traffic laws are not conclusive enough to deal with the problems. For instance, while there is a law against driving under the influence of alcohol, it fails to say what is the acceptable blood alcohol level. Also, while urban areas are governed by a speed limit, rural drivers are only restricted when there is a sign indicating a speed limit. There is also no law enforcing that children be seated in child seats while in a vehicle, and traffic police find it very difficult to enforce seat belt laws. These lapses in the reach of the law allows for high numbers of accidents on Haitian roads.

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Bus Accident in Fort Diable in Haiti, 16 Dead

It has been reported that a bus of the mark International overturned in Fort Diable in Mirebalais, Haiti. A total of 16 people are confirmed dead, with several injuries.

Some of the injured people were transported to the Mirebalais University Hospital. This information was just reported in the media.

Pawol pale, Pawol kompran

Yo a pen reporte ke jinyin yon akcidan kamyon ki rive jodi, 10 Oktob sa nan For Diable, nan route Mirebalais. 16 moun deja konfime mouri et gin anpil lot ki blese. Yo ttransporte blese sa yo nan opital Mirebalais.

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Mother, grandmother, three children of a Haitian family killed in Car Crash

I am asking for prayer for this Haitian family as the remaining members are going through one of the most painful experiences in their lives. A total of five members of the same family were killes last Saturday in a car accident in Long Island. A 37 year old mother, Myriam Lebrun, her mother Moise Yolande, and her three children: Marcus Jeanty, Marcel Jeanty and Kayla Jeanty were all killed.

We have some video of the accident.

Here is live video of the tragic accident.

New York State Police reported that the car the family was driving, a 1998 Honda Accord, struck a tree and burst into flames

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Haitian Deputy car crashed into transport van in in Pont Sonde, 13 dead

It has been reported that a major accident took place on the road in Haiti on Saturday. A member of the Haitian Chamber of Deputies was involved in a road accident where his car crashed into a transport van, causing 13 death and 10 injuries.

The accident took place in Pont Sonde. The name of the member of Haitian Chamber of Deputies was not released by the Police, however, the media was informed that he was not among the dead. The Deputy suffered chest injury and was taken to a hospital near by.

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Truck filled with Madan Sara overturned in Roseaux, killing 23 Saturday

It has been reported that a truck overturned last Saturday and many people were killed as a result. The crash took place in the town of Roseaux, east of Jeremie, Haiti.

The bus has plunged off a cliff in the coastal city of Roseaux. Report indicated that the truck was packed with people. 23 have been reported dead. Another 24 were injured, some seriously. About 50 vendors were riding inside the truck. Most of people in that overturned truck are from the town of d'Anse d'Hainault.

As it has been the case in the past, the passengers were crammed inside the vehicle surrounded by products.

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