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Les Cayes, the biggest winner in Haiti for 2012 with the Carnival

Haiti Carnival, simply the most anticipated celebration in the Caribbean Islands drawing in thousands of worldwide tourists to experience the enchanting festivities the island has to offer.

Every inch of the Island is lavished with the golden colors of Carnival, be it Port-Au-Prince or any other part of Haiti, escaping the festivities is impossible. In 2012, the entire Carnival event will take place in the third city of Haiti, Les Cayes.

Naturally with such a host and variety of people flocking to the entire region of the South in Haiti, a huge boost in the economy would be hoped for.

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Why Haiti needs Kanaval or Carnival after the Haiti Earthquake

Kanaval (Carnival) in Haiti. Due to Haiti Earthquake, the Haitian Kanaval was cancelled this year.

I know this is unpopular, however, I believe that Haiti Kanaval or Carnival should not have been cancelled this year because of Haiti Earthquake.

What is the argument for a Haitian Kanaval (Carnival), specially after over 200,000 people passed away, many more Haitians injured, more than 1,000,000 having no place to stay. Also we can not even think about those who have lost everything: family members, property and more.

The argument for having a Haitian Kanaval or Carnival few months after Haiti Earthquake is simple. We need to move on.

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