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What is Mawoule in Haitian Culture?

Carole Demesmin, a Haitian artist, made the name Mawoule popular through his song titled 'Maroule'. Maroule reflects the resilience and endurance of Haitian people. Maroules actually refer to people who are known for traveling from countryside to Dominican Republic and Haitian border and sometimes to Port-au-Prince with their cows. They travel by foot and they cover long distances anywhere between 70 and 160 miles to reach the destination. Maroules are people who come from different places of south Haiti.

As the story goes, one group of Maroules consisted of 2 to 3 people who traveled with around 20 to 30 cows. They traveled from one place to another in an attempt to sell these cows. This extraordinary travel by foot generally takes place during the night so that day traffic can be avoided. The travel beings somewhere at 9:00 P.M. and ends at around 5 P.M.

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