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Jacmel Cathedral Reconstruction Begins September 2014

Jacmel's Cathedral sustained heavy damage from the 2010 earthquake. Enough funds have been raised to rebuild the structure, and groundbreaking will happen in September 2014. Renovation of the Cathedral is estimated to take two years and cost between seven and eight million USD.

Bishop of Jacmel, Mgr. Launay Saturne, offered these details and others at a media conference. He shared Miyamoto Haiti (of Miyamoto International) would engineer and construct the Cathedral, and the redesign would be done by the Partnership for the Reconstruction of the Church in Haiti (PROCHE). PROCHE is not the only funder for the Cathedral project. A special commission was formed to raise money through community events such as concerts and arts and crafts fairs.

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Cap-Haitian Cathedral Symbol of Catholicism in Haiti

Visitors to Cap-Haitian Cathedral in the town of the same name will discover the history of Haiti, before it became the first black-led republic in the world. Located on the main plaza, the church, now known as the Cathedral of Our Lady, is a well-maintained edifice that seems displaced in the garbage-strewn and dirty rest of town.

A piece of Haiti's slave history is remembered with the statue of revolutionary slave leader, Mackandal, situated on the cathedral site. He led a contingent of black slaves that had fled plantations, where they had labored cutting down sugar cane. The slaves fighting under Mackandal were called Maroons, a reference to the blood they shed while hewing sugar cane. Mackandal was killed on the plaza in 1758, 46 years before Haiti won its freedom from the French.

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Design of new Cathedral in Port-au-Prince revealed

We finally have a glace of what the Cathedral of Port-au-Prince that was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake will look like when it is finally built. What you are looking at is the first picture of the winning design that was submitted by Puerto Rican architect Segundo Cardona and team. The cathedral is an important symbol in Port-au-Prince.

According to the new design approved by a panel of six professionals at the University of Miami School of Architecture, Cathedral of Port-au-Prince building will be shaped in a circular form with retractable walls.

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New Port-au-Prince Cathedral Blend of Traditional and Modern Aesthetics

The Port-au-Prince Cathedral (PAP) was almost completely demolished during the 2010 earthquake that razed most of Haiti. Along with general reconstruction efforts to rebuild Haiti, the cathedral will be resurrected when monies donated to its rebuilding, but used for more pressing reconstruction efforts can be raised again.

The government of Haiti along with the Archdiocese of PAP held a design competition for restoration of the PAP Cathedral, and received 134 entries from all over the world. A committee of six instructors of architecture from the University Of Miami School Of Architecture made the final selection from a short-list of five entrants.

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