Estrella Construction Building Les Cayes Runway

Prime Minster Laurent Lamothe, also head of Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation (MPEC), held a meeting to get updates on infrastructure projects in South Department, as well as other projects on Haiti. In attendance were Minister of Tourism, Stephanie Villedrouin; Secretary of State for Planning, Michel Presume; Secretary of State for Tax Reform, Ronald Decembre; Secretary of State for Public Works, Philippe Cinéas, and MPCE General Director, Giovanni Dorelien.


High on the agenda of projects discussed was the International Airport of Les Cayes (IALC), being built by Estrella Construction. Dorelien reported 282 million gourdes had been released to pay Estrella. Once finished the project will have cost $29 million-plus USD. The investment is expected to have a significant return on investment within the next decade.

Besides the IALC project, Minister Villedrouin discussed the building of Les Cayes Port, and road projects for Ile a Vache and Jeremie, both currently under construction. It is estimated the projects will total $10 million USD. Once progress reports of all projects had been reviewed, Lamothe indicated he was satisfied and said the Haitian government will continue to support the work, and by 2030 Haiti would be looked upon as an emerging nation in the Caribbean.

At the meeting, a report was given by Hinche Deputy Gilbert Augustin on completed road projects and the Hinche Administration Building. What remains to be done, he said, are other necessary road work projects and to get the town supplied with electricity.

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