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Liberty For Le Grand SUD

...Witnessing The shadow of Hunger, Desperation of Crowds Queueing for Foods(Kits),and the spread of recent Unrests facing the local authorities make me Understand profoundly how worse the economic situation of the Grand SUD could ever BE.

Before The arrival of Mathew, we were heavily imported foods and other primary products into our local economy to sustain the peoples' needs. We were even on the verge of importing "Fritay".

Now, after the tragedy of this devastating natural disaster, Le Grand SUD who represented 1/3 of our food production sources, find itself at its lowest production rate that one could ever imagined. This Dire situation has worsened the current economical state of the country, Even Retrograded it into a Greater Growth Rate, and even a Higher Inflation.

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Report put Guy Philippe right in the middle of attack in Cayes' Police Station

The investigation on the attack on the night of May 15 and 16, 2016 in Cayes is complete. According to The Bureau of Criminal Affair(BAC), the attack was Planned in Pastel with Guy Philippe with assistance from his troop. The report reveals that these people had a mission to destabilize the country by attacking Police Stations.

The report indicated that the attackers took away with them: 19 shotguns, 2 M1 riffles, 5 Lynch guns, ammunition and communication equipment, 1 Galil riffle, 5 pistols, 4 bulletproof vests and a Car Nissan.

Arrest warrants are being issued for the arrest of the group leader for Guy Philippe, as well as Yves Jeudy, Michel Alophene Lafalaise, Willy Joseph, Camy, Ricot, Vital Aslin, Marcelus Delande, Teleus Joseph Remy, Komandan Cedras, Komandan Renard, Ketelie, Jean Marc, Athanael Joseph, Rony, Wesmy, Ti Mousson, Renald St Villieres and Cenat ey Komandan Desire.

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Jocelerme Privert: attacks in Cayes done by bandit, criminal and trafficker

President Jocelerme Privert set the tone in Arcahaie on May 18 for the 213th anniversary of Haiti Flag, specially and wants to send a clear signal to those interested in crime. In regard to the terror attack on the departmental police station in Les Cayes, Jocelerme Privert stated: " When a person sits in his home, asks people to take up arms and attack a police station and kill police officers, he has no other name but bandit, criminal and trafficker." He went on to say that" .......we will not tolerate anarchists, murderers, traffickers, criminals, who look to put the country in a trap. Law enforcement has the order to track down these criminals and bring them before justice."

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Guy Philippe rejects his involvement, stating Remy Teleus was coerced

This morning (Tuesday May 17, 2016) Guy Philippe denied any accusation that he was involved in the assault on the Commissariat in Cayes. On the airwaves of Radio Metropole, Guy Philippe denounced the accusations against him. He stated in the video currently circulating, Remy Teleus never mentioned his name. It was not until one of the reporters repeated his name to Remy Teleus that he confirmed that Guy Philippe sent him.

Since yesterday, following he attack on the Police station in Cayes, the attention has been focused on Guy Philippe. According to one of the bandits captured, Remy Teleus, Guy Philippe was the one who orchestrated this attack.

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Estrella Construction Building Les Cayes Runway

Prime Minster Laurent Lamothe, also head of Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation (MPEC), held a meeting to get updates on infrastructure projects in South Department, as well as other projects on Haiti. In attendance were Minister of Tourism, Stephanie Villedrouin; Secretary of State for Planning, Michel Presume; Secretary of State for Tax Reform, Ronald Decembre; Secretary of State for Public Works, Philippe Cinéas, and MPCE General Director, Giovanni Dorelien.

High on the agenda of projects discussed was the International Airport of Les Cayes (IALC), being built by Estrella Construction. Dorelien reported 282 million gourdes had been released to pay Estrella. Once finished the project will have cost $29 million-plus USD. The investment is expected to have a significant return on investment within the next decade.

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Inauguration of South Department New Care Center Hospital

The town of Les Cayes has opened the doors of its modern medical facility, commissioned by the Office of Workers' Compensation Insurance, Sickness, and Maternity (OFATMA). On hand for the opening were President Martelly and First Lady Sophia; Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Guillaume; Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Charles Jacques; and OFATMA General Director, Max Saint Albin. Haiti and Taiwan partnered in funding and building the new medical center, so Tsai Chiu Hwang, Taiwan Ambassador to Haiti was also present.

Les Cayes OFATMA Hospital is modeled on two other hospitals in Cap-Haitien and Port-au-Prince. The facility contains 50 beds, and surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, and internal medicine consultation rooms. It also has two operating theatres, sterilization room, maternity wing, emergency room, diagnostic equipment, lab, and pharmacy.

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Fire at Agri-Supply Company, Oil fragrance producer in Les cayes

Agri-Supply Company, familiarly known as Frager, located in the city of Les Cayes, sustained considerable damage when a fire broke out at the manufacturing facility recently. The fire investigators have not yet determined if the fire was an accident or act of arson.

Frager is the southwest region's biggest employer, supplying work for 25,000 peasant families. They grow and harvest vetiver, an ingredient in European perfumes. They sell their harvests to Frager, who has plant workers draw out its essential oil and prepare it to ship to Europe.

Although no one died or was injured, the fire has affected the southwest area's economy, Frager being the main driver of it. Frager is the primary producer and exporter of vetiver oil globally, its production output nearly two-thirds of the island's production.

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A 4.5M Earthquake struck Northeast coast of Les Cayes

According to Caribbean Journal, Friday night (3/21/13) around 9:11 PM, a major earthquake hit the area north of the city of Les Cayes. This was based of information from United States Geological Survey.

The epicenter of the quake was located between Petit Trou de Nippes and Les Cayes. The United States Geological data recorded its dept to be 6 kilometer.

No injuries or death have been reported so far.

Ginyin yon "Goudou Goudou ki passe yer soir antre Petit Trou de Nippes and Ocaye. Tranbleman Tè sa mesire 4.5.

Nou ponko gin infomasyon si ginyin moun ki mouri oubyen blese.

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Who is Bishop Chibly Langlois, Haiti New Cardinal?

On January 12, 2014, Pope Francis has selected Bishop Chibly Langlois of Les Cayes as the first Haitian cardinal. The new cardinal is a 55 year old tireless worker who never forgot his impoverished childhood.

Chibly Langlois was born in La Valle in southeast Haiti and rose in a poor family. He is one among the 19 new cardinals named by Pope Francis on January 12. He is the youngest and the only non-archbishop in the group. The Haitian Catholic leaders believe this selection by Pope is a recognition of his service to the victims of devastating earthquake in 2010. The seismic activity killed over 220,000 people three years ago and left 1.5 million homeless. Even the archbishop of the capital city Port-au-Prince died in the quake and the city's iconic cathedral was toppled. It is truly a historic news for Haiti and a big appreciation of its church's dedicated work undertaken in difficult time in the post-earthquake period.

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Where is Businessman Daniel Evinx?

The Haitian businessman, Daniel Evinx, has been missing since January 5th, 2014 and no one has been able to explain his disappearance. His car was found at a gas station near the entrance of the city of Gonaïves

According to inspector Garry Desrosiers of the National Police, Daniel Evinx had left his vehicle at a gas station in Gonaives, and had taken a motorcycle taxi to an undetermined destination.

Businessman Daniel Evinx who is a close friend of President Michel Martelly is the current owner of Dan's Creek Hotel in Les cayes.

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