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Charles Voigt working to resume Haiti Aviation flights

Just before the holiday season 2013, the once full of promise Haiti Aviation was forced to cancel hundreds of flights when it was revealed that their lease contract for their aircraft through Falcon Air Express (FAE) had been canceled, unceremoniously by Haiti Aviation's account. Adding to the dilemma, FAE CEO, Nelson Ramiz, had labeled the cause of the discontinuance of the agreement as non-payment of bills by the Haitian airline company. At the height of the fiasco, Haiti Aviation was forced to suspend the flights of thousands of passengers and is, just now, showing signs of a favorable turn in events for their company's future.

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Charles Voigt attempting to get Haiti Aviation out of Coma

After the sudden suspension of flights from Haiti Aviation, it appears that the CEO of the company, Charles Voigt, is trying to convince the public that Haiti Aviation is not dead or at least not yet. According to Mr. Voigt, people who have purchased an airline ticket with them recently should contact their credit card companies for a complete refund. In addition, the cost of the ticket has been refunded to several hundreds of people already.

The problem with Haiti Aviation has to do with money supposedly owed to their Aircraft leasing company, Falcon Aircraft Express (FAE). The leasing company stated that Haiti Aviation owes them money; in the meantime Charles Voigt said that they do not owe them money and that Haiti Aviation is working tirelessly to resume flights. He hopes to announce a date when Haiti Aviation will resume its flights to Haiti very soon.

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