Immigrant child crying as she is separated from parents

Here is a result of the new immigration policy being implemented by the Trump administration. What this video is showing is an audio recording that appears to capture the voices of small children. The Spanish-speaking children are crying out for their parents at a U.S. immigration facility. This audio that was first published by ProPublica is truly disturbing. The image of the child showing that she wants her parent and crying as they are taken away.


The photographer stated that the child was traveling with her mother for a month after leaving Honduras for security concerns.

There is something fundamentally wrong here. No child should suffer that much from separation of their parents.

Its inhumane

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Jasen says...

Is this the act of the devil.

The devil has taken over as he brought dark clouds over us as human beings.

This is not the America I knew and I came to love. This country is no longer fit to be leader of the free

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Paul Piper says...

Trump's base is perfectly ok with these children crying as they are being ripped from their parents.

How can any decent human being could listen to the cries of terrified children and not care?

Is this how he wants to make America great again?

This group of people is not fit to lead this

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Larry says...

We are all some how responsible for the action of our government.

And yes, the government of this country act on our behalf.

We as a group did vote him in because this is the course we feel is the best for the country at this time. Now, if you are no longer in the same path and want to change course, the action will once again have to come from you. what you need to do get out the vote. Too many people sat back and didn't vote. Your next opportunity is this year. Make the move in 2018, make your voices heard for decency, moral, human

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Freddy says...

I just want to put myself in the shoes of these small, beautiful children.

What are they feeling as their parents, the people the trust are going away and they are left with a bunch of strangers.

How are they going to deal with this?

I could remember until today whenever I had to be separated from my parent, how hard it was. Whether to go to school for the first time or if my parent had to go away for a day or two without me. This is the worst thing that could happen to a child at this

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Kirk Sanon says...

As a parent, how can someone think of this?

Donald Trump can not be a parent.

He is not my president either.

How can America stand and let this happen?

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Thompson says...

What are these children responsible for?

You can be strong, you can be on the side of the law; however, when an innocent child is crying, that should affect you. As a mother if my home was dangerous where my children I am responsible t provide for are not safe, I would leave just like these refugees.

For a government to think thath the best way to punish these people is to separate them from their children, this is just sick. You would have to be

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