Modern day slavery exists in many forms

Whether the victim is tricked into owing a debt, forced into servitude, or sent to work as an unpaid domestic, all are forms of slave labor.


Sources in the international community say that enslavement is a threat to anybody by virtue of random circumstances not under their control. In some instances, victims are lured by promises of a better life. Preying upon the destitute and naïve from underdeveloped countries, seeking a way out of their misery, these predators ensnare and coerce their victims into debt bondage.

An illustration of this method of slavery is the plight of illegal crossing over the border from Mexico into the U.S. Lured by rumors of work, they are picked up during the border cross and told there are jobs waiting for them. They ride for days, caged within the vehicle, with no chance to eat or relieve themselves.

Once they arrive at a farmland destination, they are expected to pay for their trip. This is the point at which they are put into debt bondage. The employer will pay their debt and then charge extremely high prices for the illegals' living and/or working necessities. This guarantees the victim remains in debt bondage indefinitely.

U.S. non-government organizations (NGO) hold Congress responsible. The NGOs blame them for not passing legislation to secure U.S. borders, and court-enforce immigration law. These steps would significantly reduce the number of legal or illegal immigrants in the U.S.

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