Limonade, A Remote Location In Haiti

Limonade is located in Haiti's Nord Department. In the Cap-Haitien Arrondissment, it is a municipality. Around 69,256 people inhabit the place. Limonade is remotely placed on Haiti's northern coast. Roucou, Basse Plaine and Bois de Lance are the three districts and settlements in the neighboring areas of Limonade.


Why Limonade Is In The News

It was in Limonade that the first Christmas was celebrated in 1492 by Christopher Columbus and his crew. At Bord de Mer the great explorer he had docked his ship in the land he conquered near Limonade. In 1714, Charles Fournier de la Chapelle a well known French judge was born in Limonade.

Francois Capois, the well known hero of the Revolution in Haiti, was murdered in Limonade in 1806. He was a popular hero of the rebellion against slaves in Haiti. Historic community of this place is honored via a website maintained by a noted NGO named Sonje Ayiti.

Living In Limonade

Limonade enjoys tropical wet and hot climate just like the rest of Haiti. Transportation sometimes becomes difficult, the river banks break, river floods and the roads get washed away when the floods are severe during the rains. Most of the people live below the poverty line. Literacy rate is only 45% as per estimates.

Keeping livestock and farming on a small scale are the occupations practiced by people in Limonade even if it is difficult to afford livestock here. Migration out of the town has increased with a lot of youngsters moving out in search of jobs. In Haiti, it is one of the poorest regions. Inhabitants have been ravaged by numerous hurricanes that hit the town. Facilities for clean water were destroyed by the hurricane in 2008.

Transportation And Education

Limonade has no airports and the town roads are mostly dirt roads. To reach Limonade, Cap-Haitien Airport and Naples Mergellina Habour Airport are the closest airports. A school bus carrying school children was stone attacked here in October 2011, just after a free transport policy was instituted by the President for all schools over the country.

Life Time International, an aid organization repaired it the same year. A university worth 30$ million is being built by the Dominican Republic. During the 2 year commemoration of the earthquake in 2010, the official opening of the l'université Roi Henri took place. Between July 25 and July 26, Saint Anne's festival is celebrated.

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