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How a trip to Haiti can get you to Harvard University

Beside the many well-intentioned young children who usually take non profit mission trips to poor countries such as Haiti and others, some college-bound students are engaged in them just to increase their chances in getting into a good university. Frank Bruni who wrote the article: "To Get to Harvard, Go to Haiti?" calls it "drive-by charity work" in a the interest to impress admission staff.

He gave examples where some friends post on Snapchat and Instagram "typically showing one of them "with some poor brown child aged 2 to 6 on their knee" and explained "while many are well-intentioned, some seem not to notice poverty until an exotic trip comes with it."

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Fritz Deshommes elected new rector of UEH

Fritz Deshommes has been elected to as the new Rector of the State University of Haiti. The election took place on Tuesday, May 17, 2016. The new governing body includes Fritz Deshommes, Hérold Toussaint and Jacques Blaise. In his first public statement, the new rector expressed his desire to focus on the institutionalization of the university. He entends to put in application the plan developed in 2011 which is to improve the working condition of teachers and employees of the establishment.

What do you think?

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Howard University School of Business welcomes Michel Martelly

On 5th February, 2014, every visitors, faculties and students were waiting eagerly to listen a forum from a distinguished guest who amidst a turbulent situation, is successfully leading a country steadily towards recovery. When Michel Martelly, the President of the Republic of Haiti visited the main campus of Howard University School of Business, all the blue-seated rows for the students were filled and the auditorium doors were closed ten minutes before the program was due to start. The Interim President of the institution Wayne Frederick in tune with this sentiment announced "this is a significant moment for us to have President Michel Martelly among us at our university." The Haitian President was welcomed to the stage by a standing ovation before he began his speech slowly.

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University of Limonade closed following altercation, sequestration and death

Haiti violence has reached the University of Limonade. On Monday, as a result of a demonstration by students of the University, Haiti National Police intervened and as a result, a shopkeeper was killed, several people were injured and many property destruction were recorded.

It was also reported that some of the University students were involved in the sequestration of the administrative and academic authorities of the University of King Henri Christophe campus in Lemonade.

Se pou kombyen tan Inivèsite sa aprale femin-la? Nou deja pa minm ginyin lekol an Ayiti.

Eske Elev sa yo ki te kimbe direkte sa yo te intelijan asse pou yo te konnin ke yon bagay kon sa gin gro danje ladan li? Eske yo konning yon ti non yo rele "kidnaping"

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Christian University of North Haiti - Universite Chretienne du Nord d'Haiti (UCNH)

The Christian University of North Haiti aims to prepare people for better Christian lives. They offer scholarships and are uniquely placed to give aid to those in the country outside the scope of a tertiary education because of their lack of proximity to the cities which house contemporary universities. The school offers a four-year tertiary education from its Limbe location in northern Haiti, near Cap Haitian, going for a rate that is attainable for the poorer set in the more rural environs.

The endeavor began in 1947, when missionaries obtained the location from the owners of a rubber plantation and started a seminary camp which averaged fifteen students a year. That number rose exponentially and today, hundreds of students are enrolled at UCNH.

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Universite Quiskeya in Haiti

The Universite Quiskeya was founded by uniQ Brief in 1988. Since its beginning in 1990, the Universite Quiskeya has proven, again and again, its training quality and dynamism. Over years the university has proven its professionalism and reliability. The training includes two cycles of instructions. The Universite Quiskeya has six faculties which offer 7 Master's Degree Program(s), 16 Certificate Program(s) and 16 Undergraduate Program(s) so that the immediate needs of the population can be met. As mentioned, the training courses cover two instruction cycles. The first cycle allows the enrolled students to attain a license or certificate and the second cycle allow them to obtain a Master's Degree or a Doctorate.

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Universite Caraibes, Haiti

The Caribbean University is one which focuses on the benefits that can be derived for the Haitian community through education and research. With a faculty and administration of top professors and specialists, the school aims to develop minds individually and collectively to help the coming work force to develop their virtues they can then add to society to enhance the country.

To foster this, the school offers a variety of courses under the faculties of Computer Science, Agronomy, Education, Secretarial Office, Management Science and Accounting, and Engineering Science. The school boasts modern facilities and includes the requisite computer lab, equipped with laptop computers and various hardware add-ons that increase their efficiency, so necessary for a thorough education today.

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Universite Publique - Sud Au Cayes

Universite Publique du Sud Au Cayes or Public University of South Cayes, popularly known as UPSAC was founded by the Haitian government in the year 1999. It was an act of decentralizing Haiti's public higher education. Thus, the mission of Universite Publique du Sud Au Cayes is to train researchers, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals in Department of the South. As of date, the university or UPSAC has nearly 1,500 students who are spread across three different sectors that include legal sciences, administrative sciences and education sciences.

These localized formation provinces are keenly supported by the Republic of Haiti's Directorate of Higher Education so that higher education can be made accessible to the majority of the graduates while the congestion in the faculties at Port-au-Prince can be reduced. The Universite Publique du Sud Au Cayes is the member of Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie network and the UPSAC is supposed to be equipped by the PENDHA (Education Plan Digital Remote for Higher Education and Research in Haiti) project, a digital space for better educational facilities.

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Universite Episcopal D'Haiti

Nursing is a noble occupation in which the focus is on the care of patients so they may regain or attain, then maintain their best health and a satisfactory quality of life. In Haiti, the nurses entering this field in the recent past are almost certainly graduates from one school, the Episcopal University of Haiti in Belval, Léogâne. The Faculty of Nursing Science of the Episcopal University took on its first class in January of 2005. In the 8 years since they've been in operation, the school has seen five graduating classes. The nursing course they offer is a four-year program, the only one of its kind in Haiti.

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CREFIMA Universite, Haiti

Can one become licensed in their chosen career field in as little as three months?

CREFIMA Université promises this is indeed possible. The private university in Port-au-Prince, which was founded in 2004, boasts courses that take three years for complete certification in the fields of Finance, Accounts, Management, and Project Management. Adding to this impressive roster, they also give courses in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Marketing.

To become enrolled at CREFIMA Université and benefit from their accelerated learning courses, designed to get professional, competent people out into the work force at a quicker pace, but without sacrificing education, one must meet the requirements of, for the first year, a degree in Bacc2, for the second and third year, a degree in Bacc2 plus a first or second year university course.

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