Maïssade, municipality in the Hinche Arrondissement

Maïssade, with the Creole name, Mayisad is a municipality in the Centre Department's Hinche Arrondissement. The small town, with only 43, 000 plus inhabitants can be found at coordinates 190 10' 0'' N and 720 8' 0'' W, lying near to other towns and cities such as Fort D'Piquant, Nan Maye and Cajou Brule.


As a municipality, Maïssade is a little city with some autonomy. As such, they started a watershed project in the area known as the Maïssade Integrated Watershed Management Project. The venture was put in place by the Save the Children Federation and was implemented to successfully plan the sustained use of a resource that is sometimes hard to find in Maïssade's general location.

How this project diverges from other watershed projects is that, unlike conventional watershed management projects, the Maïssade project assists and invests in developing peasant associations through which they receive continued voluntary development of the project including a soil conservation aspect, community development and forestry conceptions.

A recent economic analysis of the Maïssade project was done to show whether such a scheme could work on a long term basis. The new approach that had the peasants in the community participating in the development voluntarily was found to be more efficient with money than conventional projects of its kind, and the investment generated a great return up to the tune of 200% for almost all investors. The aggregate project alone was done at a discount rate of 12%, and proved, along with all other parts of the larger project to be cost-effective.

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