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Trial of Clifford Brandt Postponed

Clifford Brandt Jr, before his arrest, was a prominent businessman, an oligarch, and a member of a wealthy Haitian family. He was arrested on October 22, 2012 after confessing the charges of kidnapping two young persons of another elite Haitian family, Moscoso-- the son and daughter of Sogebank chief Robert Moscoso, Coralie (23) and Nicolas Moscoso (24). Later the abductees were found alive by the Haitian police in an abandoned bathroom at a house that Clifford Brand Jr took them following the capture. Clifford Brandt Jr is the son of Clifford Brandt and the grandson of Oswald Brandt. The fathers of Robert Moscoso and Clifford Jr, were originally partners in the creation of a Haitian bank, but later Moscoso and Brandt families became rivals in business. Brandt Jr was a close associate of former President Martelly. On October 16, 2012, the Moscoso children were abducted by armed men wearing police uniforms and a $2. 5-million ransom was demanded from Moscoso.

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The criminal trial of famous Clifford Brandt has began

There is no guarantee that the trial of Clifford Brandt will ever end, or we will know the entire story, or all the other actors involved will be known; however the process has in deed started. He was arrested for the abduction and kidnapping of two children of the Moscosso family over three years ago. Finally, the trial of Clifford Brandt is scheduled to start today (January 28, 2016). His trial will be without a jury.

What do you expect fro this trial?

Haitian Kreyol:

Jijman kriminèl ki pi popilè an Clifford Brandt aper kòmanse

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Wealthy businessman, Clifford Brandt, escaped from prison during violent take over

The Croix-des-Bouquets prison, a newly built fortress, was not enough to keep the likes of kidnapper and wealthy businessman, Clifford Brandt, in. Reports are that Brant, who was sent to prison in October of 2012 made his escape when a prison riot gave him the necessary chance.

On the ground news is that the plan was devised to break Brandt out. Police allegedly got word of a meeting where this plan was devised. However, some other reports also say that the prisoner walked off the compound hours before gunmen raiding it, taking over the prison. In this latter telling, the takeover was merely a cover for his escape. Regardless of what story is true, the police are being put under very high scrutiny following an incident they had always played down as being impossible.

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FLASH: Clifford Brandt Captured in Cornillon/ Grand Bois

This just in: Clifford Brandt is captured by the Haitian Police in locality Cornillon /Grand Bois. As Clifford Brandt was on his way to the Dominican Republic, he was captured based on a joint venture between the Police force of the two nations.

We are following this new development in the case of Clifford Brandt. Please stay tuned with us we will be providing you more as the situation evolves

Pawol Pale Pawol Komprann..

Roy, FLASH!!!!

Yo Pran Clifford Brandt. Pandan ke Clifford Bradt te nan rout pou li al an Dominikani, Police Ayisyen bare li. Sa se yon resilta antre foce Polic Ayisyen et Dominikin.

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Counteroffer 5 Million offered to Police Chief to explain complicity in Clifford Brandt release

According to, a businessman in new York is not buying the position of the Head of the Police in Haiti for a second.In another way, the businessman thinks that the plan to liberate businessman Clifford Brandt came within the police force itself.

In a note to the press following the prison break, the police announced that it would offer a prize of one million gourdes to anyone who has information leading to the capture of Clifford Brandt.

According to the article on, a businessman is making a counteroffer to Haiti Police Chief Godson Aurelus. He is offering 5 million to Godson Aurelus for information as to how and with what complicity Clifford Brandt was released from prison.Here is the article:

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Prison break in Croix-des-Bouquets, Clifford Brandt on the run

We have learned with certainty that there was a major prison break at the Prison Civil of Croix-des-Bouquets where Clifford Brandt and Sonson La Familia have been spending time for kidnapping.

We also learned that there was an attack today (Sunday, August 10, 2014) coming from the inside of the prison and Clifford Brandt among many others escaped from Prison.

Woodly Etheart, aka Sonson La Familia who was also a prisoner was not able to escape the prison. As of now, there has been a reward of One Million gourdes posted by the Haitian government for anyone with information on the whereabouts of Prison Fugitive Clifford Brandt.

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Pitit, Gade comman Kidnapping besse an Ayiti, Hey!

Starting in 2004, kidnapping has been prevalent in Haiti, a deadly trend, a quick way for thugs to get money off desperate family members. Victims or families rarely talked about their kidnapping for fear of being targeted again. No one was safe from kidnapping. However, the high profile arrest of Clifford Brandt was a major step forward in solving the kidnapping problem. I can now say that: "Bagay yo Pa Pi mal Jodia"

Mezanmi mwen sonje nan Moi Decam, bagay yo toujou cho an Ayiti. Kriminel profite de cezon-an pou yo kinbe malere tankou gran neg pou yo mande lajan. Ane 2010, 2011, gacon pa kanpe non an Ayiti.

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Marc Arthur Phebe in Court regarding Clifford Brandt Kidnapping case - Video Live

National Palace's Cat-Team head, Marc Arthur Phebe, in Court Clifford Brandt Kidnapping case

On Wednesday, July 3, 2013, Marc Arthur Phebe who has been pointed out as being the executor of Brandt's kidnapping ring was in front of the Court of Appeal in Port-au- Prince.

He was asked about the nature of his relationship with Brandt and the information he has regarding the kidnapping of two young Moscoso on October 16, 2012 in Bourdon.

More about Kidnapping in Haiti

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Jojo Lorquet, former representative of President Martelly, arrested for fraud

It has been Reported by some major news organizations that Jojo Lorquet, a protégé of President Martelly has been arrested for fraud.

According to the source, he was charged with making false National Palace ID cards and selling them to people who would use that card to commit frauds. Report also indicated that Jojo Lorquet was also involved illegal activities and fraudulent transaction in Customs.

There is currently a major operation in Haiti with list of 84 people in high government positions being sought by Haitian justice and law enforcement officials for all types of crimes an fraud. Many very close and long-time associates of President Michel Martelly are either in jail or in hiding.

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Relationship between Stanley Handal and Clifford Brandt

On 23rd August, 2005, businessman Stanley Handal was arrested along with 3 defendants because of an open investigation that was initiated on account of disappearance of Nathael Aleus Geneus. Nathael was an UNIBANK employee. In 2008 Handal was cleared by Jean Perez Paul, the investigating judge. Jean Perez Paul issued a dismissal order to clear Handal. In November 2012, National Network of Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH) issued a report in which it was claimed that the clearance was illegal and that Stanley Handal is a leader of Clifford Brandt's thieves association.

Countering this, Frizto Canton who is the lawyer of Stanley Handal, issued a denial statement stating that there was no relationship whatsoever between Stanley Handal and Clifford Brandt as has been claimed by press. Canton said that two men are by no means partners or friends and that his client, Mr. Handal is all set to repair the damage caused to his honor, even if that means a fight to death. Canton clearly said that the dignity of his client has been soiled by the unfair reports.

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