Wealthy businessman, Clifford Brandt, escaped from prison during violent take over

The Croix-des-Bouquets prison, a newly built fortress, was not enough to keep the likes of kidnapper and wealthy businessman, Clifford Brandt, in. Reports are that Brant, who was sent to prison in October of 2012 made his escape when a prison riot gave him the necessary chance.


On the ground news is that the plan was devised to break Brandt out. Police allegedly got word of a meeting where this plan was devised. However, some other reports also say that the prisoner walked off the compound hours before gunmen raiding it, taking over the prison. In this latter telling, the takeover was merely a cover for his escape. Regardless of what story is true, the police are being put under very high scrutiny following an incident they had always played down as being impossible.

What has been substantiated is that minutes before 11am on Sunday, August 10, unidentified men took the penitentiary by force, leading to the escape of over 300 prisoners. The prison was home to two heads of kidnapping-murder gangs, Brandt and Sonson Lafamilia; today Brandt is speculated to have crossed over into the Dominican Republic en route to Jamaica.

The police were quick to issue a $22,000 USD reward for any information that led to his recapture, as he is said to pose a major threat to some in the political sphere. It is even speculated that some of the aid Brandt would have had to plan his escape could have come from official sources.

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Subject: Wealthy businessman, Clifford Brandt, escaped from prison during violent take over edit

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