Franck Cine - CEO Haitel out of his Silence on Haitel

The CEO of the first telecommunications company to bring cell phones to Haiti, Haitel's Franck Ciné, was not his usual silent self in a recent interview with Vision 2000 journalist, Valery Numa. He outlined the companies past, leading up its declaration of bankruptcy and the subsequent trouble that's afflicted the struggling Telecom.


During the discussion, Ciné revealed much information about the current status of the company, including the fact that Teleco currently holds a 5% claim to Haitel, following Haitel's failure to make payment to the former company. Apart from stating facts, Ciné laid out statistics, juxtaposing Haiti's 80% unemployment rate for comparison against the benefit to the economy a thriving Haitel provides. He stated that the company provided approximately 3000 jobs directly, which indirectly served nearly 15,000 people in Haiti.

Also being disputed is the $90 million worth of assets the state would claim as Haitel's. Ciné states that the company's accounting ledgers clearly show the true figure to be $20 million, less than a quarter of that figure.

The company's charter allows for mediation by Bermudan court, however, while armed with a more than suitable team of lawyers to combat those appointed by President Martelly and Prime Minister Lamothe, Ciné sees this as an undesirous route for the negative publicity it would give the country.

He desires to show that Haiti is open for business, and a speedy, judicious and amicable resolution of the conflict between the government and the telecoms company would show that the country is ready for a future brightly powered by investments.

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