Lucien Francoeur postponing Prime Minister convocation

Senators in the Haitian Parliament are frustrated, concerned, and angry over two postponements by Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to convoke a senate meeting on pressing issues: budget allocations and terrorist-support activities.


Primature Secretary General, Lucien Francoeur, Lamothe's representative, sent letters to Senator Steven Benoit, cancelling meetings scheduled for May 28th and 30th to address the issues. Benoit feels Lamothe has patronized the opposition by not directly responding himself.

Benoit and his supporters, Moise Jean-Charles, Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aimé, Jean William Jeanty, Wesner Polycarpe, John Annick, and François Joseph need answers why 2012 expenditures favored the National Fund for Education. They charge this was a mis-use of Treasury monies and a devaluation of the Haitian gourde. They think the monies should have been used to restore the National Palace damaged by the 2010 earthquake.

Also, legislation is pending for surreptitious bankrolling of terrorist activities. The legislation must be ratified by June 15th, or else Haiti's reputation as a member of the international community will suffer.

Benoit has pressed his supporters to begin inquisition hearings on Lamothe's refusal to fulfill his duties and meet with them.

It seems Benoit et al don't think equal access to a public education is important, but restoring the National Palace is. Ratification of a terrorist piece of legislation may not occur because of this petty squabbling, designed to thwart the Martelly government. For his part, Lamothe would rather conveniently fly to Brazil on official business than face the opposition.

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