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U.S. Democratic Congresswoman Corrine Brown, Florida in visit in Haiti

Recently, Haiti was visited by a United States congresswoman for the Democratic Party, Corrine Brown who, with her long-standing career in politics, now represents Florida's 5th District.

Born in November of 1946, Brown has served, since 1993, on Congress, and the districts she represents include, Alachua, Putnam and Orange Counties. Extensively educated at some of the state's most prominent universities, she has earned many degrees including one in science and an honorary degree in law.

During her visit to Haiti, Corrine Brown was met by representatives of the Haitian Government including the President, Michel Martelly. The discussion between the two was about the continuance of the relationship between the two countries they represent. Mrs. Brown also used her visit to meet with Andolphe E.D. Guillaume, a legal advisor, to talk about the adoption procedures in Haiti, at IBESR (the Institute of Welfare and Research).

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