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Cuba & Dominican Republic Overtake Leadership in Soccer

As per latest FIFA/Coca-Cola World Rankings on 17 November 2013, Cuba has topped the Caribbean football squad table leaving behind Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica. Cuba ranked 74th among the world football playing nations, followed by Dominican Republic 78th, Haiti 80th and Jamaica 82nd. Under the current ranking, Cuba gained by 10 points over the earlier FIFA Ranking but Haiti and Jamaica lose (-2) and (-4) points respectively.

Haiti is one among the oldest football playing nations in the Caribbean and one of the early participants in the World Cup qualifying tournament. Its present rank as per FIFA/Coca-Cola Zonal Ranking is 8th; the other countries in the same zonal ranking table include USA (1), Mexico (2), Costa Rica (3), Honduras (4), Panama (5), Cuba (6), Dominican Republic (7), Trinidad and Tobago (9) and Jamaica (10).

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7.6 magnitude Costa Rica earthquake: 2 dead, 7.0 magnitude Haiti earthquake: over 316, 000 dead

On September 5, 2012, a strong earthquake shook Costa Rica. The earthquake lasted one minute and 10 seconds, and was recorded 7.6 magnitude in the Richter scale.

Just two people were killed by the 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Costa Rica.

I repeat it again, only two people lost their lives

In addution, the damages were very limited in Costa Rica. It was reported that a few blocked highways and some collapsed houses were all the destructions there . Again, the death toll was two; one died of a heart attack and the another from trauma. The Red Cross had reported a total of 20 injuries as a result of earthquake in Costa Rica

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Army is Enemy of Development, Peace and Freedom, Fmr. Costa Rica President letter to Martelly

One more blow for President Michel Martelly's plan to reinstate the Haitian Army. In a letter sent to the president by Fmr. Costa Rica President Nobel laureate Oscar Arias, he advised the president not to restore the disbanded Haitian army, saying that historically most armies are enemies of development, enemies of peace and enemies of freedom.

This can't be a good sign!

In the two page letter, Former Costa Rica president said instead, the $25 million Martelly has proposed for the new military should be invested in education, health and strengthening other institutions.

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